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Dollar exchange rate in Argentina on Saturday, May 5, 2019. | Exchange rate Peso & Argentina | BCRA | Argentina | Economy | Markets


Y exchange rate inside Argentina has closed fixed against Argentina's peso after the government Mauricio Macri It will call an auction of Treasury and Capitalizable bills in dollars and pesos.

Y dollar In the wholesale market started business with fixed values ​​of 44.80 for Argentina pesos green ticket, compared to 44.79 on Thursday closing.

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Welsh Government Argentina will be tendering Treasury Bills next week (&;Letes'' In dollars and letters that can be capitalized (&;EarsIn pesos, the Ministry of Finance informed Friday, within the framework of monetary policy to regulate market liquidity at times of strong devaluation pressure.

The 'Letes' will have; amortization on July 19, that is, with a term of 70 days.

In turn, reopened;Ears'With maturity on 28 June – at 49 days – to be capitalized monthly at the nominal monthly rate of 3.50%.

Receipt of entries will start at 10:00 am in Buenos Aires (1300 GMT) on Monday and finish at 3:00 pm (1800 GMT) on Tuesday.

Subscription y;Letes'In dollars only, while y & 39; Lecaps subscribe in pesos or in US currency.

"Human or legal persons can participate in these operations, and so they must instruct their expressions of interest in a timely manner through the liquidation and compensation agents – integration and negotiating and registration agents who have registered with & # 39 of the CNV of Securities), "added the ministry in a statement.

Meanwhile, Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina (BCRA) which awarded Friday 139.985 million pesos (about US $ 3.146 million) at the first day Sale of Liquidity Letters (& # 39;Leliq') At an average rate of 73,809%, operators said.

It was added that the transaction registered maximum earnings of 73,999% and a minimum of 73% on seven days.

On average, the financial authority on Thursday was Leliq & # 39; to 74.069%, after two placements, the highest level of BCRA since 2002, operators agreed.

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