Thursday , November 26 2020

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Y exchange rate o & # 39; r dollar Friday on Friday and at its lowest level in almost five months for proposals dollars on the last day of paying local tax and a sharp increase in the price of copr, main products export Peru.

Y dollar price It dropped 0.24% to 3,306 / 3,307, a minimum since 28 September last year, compared to 3,313 / 3,315 on Thursday, with a business of about $ 428 million.

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With this, the Peruvian currency accumulating in advance of 1.84% compared to dollar So far this year, a significant improvement compared to a 4.05% reduction last year.

In the session, the dollar it was depreciated to S / 3,304 solids and the highest price was S / 3,310.

On the day the local companies offered dollars looking for it sun on the last day to assume paying the tax of the period; while the demand for institutional or overseas investors is very small, operators said.

Also, the Peruvian currency have benefited from the repayment in the future price copr which developed on Friday's highest level since July in the face of a decline in metal stocks and investor expectations for and business agreement between United States a China.

Y exchange rate The informal sector in Lima was operating at 3,314 / 3,315 dollar soles, compared to 3,324 / 3,325 at the end of Thursday.

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