Tuesday , July 5 2022

Csar Villanueva confirms that the Government does not support the prosperity


Today, Prime Minister, Csar Villanueva, confirmed the position of President Martn Vizcarra not to support the return to the ficameral Congress, the consultation measure in the referendum held on 9 December.

"That proposal identifies what is happening simply and unconstitutional incorporating what is a trust question, which weakens the balance of powers between the Executive and the & # 39; Legislative, that's not right, "said Villanueva at the press that included her activities in Moyobamba, in the San Martn area.

"The Constitutional Court's decision was to declare the unconstitutional statements of Congress, but that does not change the proposed law that came out of the Congress," said Villanueva.

The following day, Martn Vizcarra rejected the above-mentioned interpretation by his ruling members and confirmed his position against returning to the fameral at the referendum.

% uD83D% uDCCD The president of the Council of Ministers, @ CaesarVeru, is already in the San Martn region to take part in the launch of the #BicentenarioPer Agenda, held at the Moyobamba Plaza de Armas. pic.twitter.com/t65zn1W1ms

Csar Villanueva also expressed the ban on former President Alan Garca and the leader of the Popular People, Keiko Fujimori, of inquiries and Congress in the case of Lava Jato.

"There is a decision that Congress has taken, but finally that is a political trial." The Public Ministry must do the real trial, and later by the Judiciary, "he said.

These statements were issued on Saturday at Moyobamba, San Martn, during the launch activities of the 2021 Centenary Agenda, which took place in different regions of the country, with the participation of state ministers.

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