Monday , May 23 2022

Create your own emoji with Google keyboard to send on WhatsApp


The emoji is undoubtedly one of the fastest ways to express ourselves, hence its popularity in these times of continual rush that we live every day. As you know, the new icons added every year to our mobile phones have been previously approved by Unicode, and are a good reflection of our society. These tend to make their way to operating systems every year, although Google has recently decided to disconnect emoji updates from system updates. Be that as it may, one of the apps that gets the most out of these emojis is the Google keyboard, called Gboard. You can now create your own emojis with the new Mountain View keyboard functionality.

Thousands of combinations at your fingertips

Google today announced many new features for its apps. One of the most interesting is the one that allows us to create our own emoji combinations from the keyboard. In the case of emoji, it’s an improvement of another function that was already available on the keyboard. Because if so far it was possible to make hundreds of emoji combinations, these are now disappearing with the new update, being able to reach create up to 14,000 different emoji combinations from the Google keyboard. Now so it will be possible to mix even more emoji. And while this is a function that was already available, we want to explain how it works, because it’s very easy to create your own emoji in a couple of tapes on the screen.

Emojis produced with Gboard | Tecnoxplora

The key is that Gboard now allows us to mix more emoji to create one collective of all. For example, we can mix in the same emoji the one who kisses with the heart, the one who cries and the one who wears sunglasses. With the union of the three we will create emoji with a different appearance than usual, and probably unique in the conversations you have with other people from their conversations. To achieve this, you must:

  • Open the Gboard keyboard in the app where you are going to send the emoji
  • Open the keyboard emoji
  • Click on the two or three emoji you want to mix
  • Now you will see in the upper left part of the screen the emoji that comes from this mix

Once you can see the resulting emoji, you can send it by clicking on it. In this way the possibilities multiply when creating a new emoji on our phone. Therefore, Google ensures that it will now be possible to create up to 14,000 different combinations. Without a doubt, a simple and original way to be able to mix emoji and make some unique creations. Without a doubt it’s something pretty fun and you will even be able to introduce completely new emojis in your WhatsApp chats. Yes, because you only have to select this Google keyboard from the WhatsApp chat to be able to send these original emoji in the messaging app conversations.

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