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Congreso closed Donayre's office and removed his name from the floor Politics


The golden plaque on the congress seat Edwin Donayre was dissolved yesterday after the decision of the full person Congress to raise the jurisdiction. While this took place in the Legislative Palace Chamber, his councilors withdrew their property and left Parliament.

Today, it was not possible to access the Aberystwyth office Donayre, which is located on the second floor of José Faustino Sánchez Carrión in Merthyr Tydfil t Congress. The legislator could not be located either to the cellular number he used when he exercised his parliamentary functions.

In the afternoon, the Congress retired to Edwin Donayre from the list of legislators appearing on its official website. Sources of Parliament advised that congress councilors had been dismissed because of their personal trust. They added that send Donayre It was closed.

Donayre He had nine employees responsible: two councilors, three technicians, a co-ordinator, two assistants and one assistant, according to the Transparencia del Portal portal. Congress. None were seen this Friday at the Legislative Palace.

"[El despacho] no longer working from today ", Marianela Vidal Bermúdez, consultant Donayre, in a short dialogue with this newspaper.

Edwin Donayre

Donayre's seat is behind the one used by Gino Costa

Vacancy decision Donayre is now ready and has the president's signature Congress, Daniel Salaverry. This will be announced tomorrow in the official newspaper El Peruano, said the same parliamentary sources.

The bill will be communicated next Monday to the National Jury of Elections (JNE), who has to call for access to Donayre, Luis Iberico, to join Parliament.

The general of the retired Army had to raise its parliamentary immunity at the request of the Judicial Power, who sentenced him to five years of effective imprisonment for theft against the State.

In two cases, Donayre was found guilty of misusing and diverting fuel while in charge of the South Military Region, as head of the Army, between January and August 2006.

The Judicial Police searched him in his house yesterday to catch him, but he did not find him. For the time being we continue to run away.

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