Friday , August 19 2022

Colorectal cancer is increasing through a high fat diet, according to a study


Washington, February 22 (Prensa Latina) US scientists say that high fat diets stimulate the growth of colorectal cancer by changing the balance of the acids in the bowel, the cell magazine reported.

Researchers at the Salk Foundation claim that these foods triggered a hormonal signal, which allows cells that can be cancerous to thrive.

During the study, carried out in a mouse model, experts found that animals with an APC – the most common genetic mutation among people with colorectal cancer – had developed the disease faster when they had a high fat diet.

Experts explain that bowel and bowel are hard working organs, because while eating the bowel it needs to regenerate its cover consistently to undo the damage caused by the digestive acids. The bowel impedes a population of cell cells that can replenish those with the liner when necessary.

In light of this, scientists found that colorectal cancers often result in mutations in these cell cells.

The most common device associated with the condition can be seen in the APC gene, which usually acts as a tumor blocker because it controls the frequency of cells share.

By monitoring the levels of gap acids in cruelty, experts saw a very dramatic increase in cancer growth associated with a valid acid.

In that sense, the experiments showed that maintaining the balance of gap acids is key to reducing cancer growth.

According to the scientists, mice with NPA mutations developed a growth of disadvantage called adenomas, which quickly became cancerous when they were high fat diets.

These findings help explain the increase in deaths in younger people of colorectal cancer, a condition that can take decades to develop.

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