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Chicken ceviche flavor inflation, by Rafael Hidalgo


Chicken ceviche flavor inflation, by Rafael Hidalgo

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Not Rafael Hidalgo

In recent weeks, families in Lima have felt that
assault of popular board prices.

What's a devious fummering, the chicken fly suddenly
raising the wholesale price in no less than 23%. According to the neighborhood,
the public touches an increase that varies in a range of S /. 1 in the
Popular markets and can be S /. 3 close to the south of Lima, where & #
customers are not even looking at the account even.

On the other hand, the legendary stones of the San Lorenzo Valley
registered a astronomical price of 10 soles per kilo in Lima markets
(previously sold at 3 soles). Cuesta up also passes by hand
the onion, the ceviche, our potatoes, the
afocado, etc. The government justifies progress due to seasons, the delays in
rebuilding, export etc. In addition to all the Rolls doll from Aberystwyth
Lima, the threat of the Metropolitan piece, the gas and gasoline balloon,
among others.

However, the National Institute of Statistics (INEI) reveals
only 1.84% in the inflation increase in Lima Metropolitan
and last 12 months. How does the official index go up the stairs while the
food prices rising by lift? He has to do it with a delay
Ten years of the last survey, to 36,000 homes, this lighting and blessing
basket (ENAPREF 2008)?

Time changes drinking habits. It's necessary and urgent
updating weight and components of usage habits. Why?
for example, in the period 1994 to 2005 food was bought,
which previously accounted for about half of the use (47.55%),
has dropped to just over a third (37.82%). We have continued to trade the limeos
our priority in expenses?

Certainly, every day that goes by, we become more aware of
Eat & Eat, eat more vegetables and less fruits and eat
fruit, sugar and sodas. We also spend more on leisure. And is
meals outside the home. Finally, it is clear that this low inflation does not occur
do not make relaxation and tranquility in the high order of the BCR, guardians of generosity
the inflation, that before the last increase in the exchange rate is unchanged because,
According to their records, the increase in price (excluding food)
is located at 2.46%.

What do you think? He continues to reach the

Published on Monday, November 12, 2018

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