Wednesday , May 25 2022

Blizzard responds to criticism about Immortal Devil & # 39; | Video games


A few weeks ago we talked to you the virtual fan of Diablo for the sample of the possible continuation of the saga with Diablo 4, and even repossing Diablo 2 would have appealed to the concerns of many people, seeing how Devil 3 has left, but the reality was cheated in the face.

Before the staggering faces of the people who are present in the Blizzcon, Blizzard revealed the next game from the saga to leave at Immortal Devil, a game is unique for mobilewhat was it? Received with surprise and boos.

The most of followers Blizzard players make hardcore from a personal computer, so the ad felt like a blow to those present. Straight away A ton of negative opinion jumped to Blizzard's throat to let them see their dissatisfaction.

This includes, as happened with EA in its announcement of the transactions of the Battlefront 2, the Vote with the negative of all trailers The new game was introduced.

At the time of writing this article, the main vehicle presents more than 600,000 disorders, for just 23,000 like, with many people making negative comments being abolished. They even cost them a good highlight derived from actions.

Now, Blizzard is emerging to ensure that although he was not announced at the conference They work on more games in the future.

"We've said that many times we have many teams working on different Diablo projects. Diablo is a leading saga for us and it will always be. We really love it and we hope our supporters understand. Immortal Devil is being developed so that hundreds of millions of people who play on mobile every day can also enjoy the saga. The world is evolving and for many young people the mobile phone is their main gaming device. "

And we do not doubt that this is the case, although the criticisms have not gone as much as Diablo Immortal, regardless of the amount of storm related to them, such as Blizzard for not answering expectations his most fierce followers, who of course was expecting something else, Not a game for mobile.

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