Wednesday , September 28 2022

Austin Palao sends a strong message to Luciana Fuster after being linked to Emilio Jaime


He was not silent. When asked about the rumors about an alleged relationship between Emilio Jaime and Luciana Fuster, Austin Palao said he is not a friend to the fighter and his former "can rebuild his life with whoever wants".

"I'm not being treated away by rumors, I'm not one of the people that talk about others, but after all, that's what you & # 39; n do not say that I do not have communication with Emilio and I want it well, "said Austin Palao in an interview with local media.

In the same way, Austin Palao wished Luciana Fuster good luck in his future relationship. "I do not usually talk about personal issues, I can say that I'm single, Luciana is a very nice girl and I want her / her best. She can make her life Whoever she wishes she always wants her best.

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