Saturday , May 28 2022

Argentina: The exchange rate has closed over 36 pesos per dollar Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina Argentine weight | Economy


Y exchange rate in Argentina He fell higher among a famous abolition on behalf of investors, which reflected the volume of drop-in business, operators said

Y dollar The interbank price ended with an increase of 1.08% to 36.01 / 36.04 units, after arriving at previous sessions at levels close to the exchange rate band that would enable Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina (TheBCRA) are going to interfere with buying a dollar, says operators.

Meanwhile, the dollar appreciated the informal belt 2.76%, to 36.00 / 36.25 units, in less than a square of business, operators agreed.

"Since the last week of October, the dollar the wholesaler did not wait over 36 pesos per unit, "said Gustavo Quintana, the operator of Corredores de Cambio, adding that the price of the dollar "maximum touch at 36.20 weight and a minimum at 35.57 weight when opening the wheel. "

Gustavo Ber, analyst at Estudio Ber said that "at the exchange level, proximity of the lower band and the reduction of the domestic face rate to the external scenario from the depreciation of emerging money, disappearing dollar wholesaler who was rescheduled until 36.05 weight, reaction has self-regulated by the square that prevents the BCRA I have to intervene directly with purchases. "

On Tuesday, Argentina's central bank set 73,420 million pesos (US $ 2,042 million) in Liquidity Bills (& # 39; Leliq & # 39;) in eight days, with an average annual output of 65,044%, according to operators.

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