Thursday , January 20 2022

Analysis of Boca Juniors and River Plate – November 11


There is certainty If the world were looking at this Libertador Copa Superfinal, the world could see that Argentina's and South America football, despite all the disturbance, is in good health. Boca and Afon presented a lively show, sometimes strangely, which was all keen and eager to see the second performance in the Monumental, on Saturday 24. Only who is America's champion, the Libertadores Cup King, the owner of all wenu

It was an exciting 2-2 that met all expectations. Boca showed his firepower. That fire power that hides its flaws. Agustín Rossi, the one who provoked suspicions, cleared them with saffs that caught the zero when the River was much more. Wanchope Ábila, who played with Maidana, Pinola and Martínez Quarta, showed him why he was nine occupiers. The Cordovan invented a goal that exploded Bombonera who started to suffer. The same power is that Darío Benedetto, who came into the victim of Cristian Pavón, who again broke that equality that came almost without notice, boiled completely after the 1- 0 part. It's obvious. When Boca arrives, she shakes. It was only the last time, when Tevez started playing football and Armani gave all his humanity so that the afternoon ended brown.

On the other hand, the River showed its playing power. Martinez Quarta's access to strengthen protection did not affect the operation of the team Doll Gallardo With Gonzalo Martínez as a creative axis, he moved the ball from one side to the other until he found the damage to his / her. Pratto, very generous with movements, was awarded with that goal that no one was waiting for the 1-1 in part and with the jump that was worried about Izquierdoz for the final 2 -2.

There is another assurance. The world will sit back in front of the TV to watch the second part of this battle. The final result left everything open. If you repeat what happened in a full Bombonera, the Monumental will be the location of another shopping show. Argentine football, with all limitations, perhaps without figures that can be included in the top teams in top leagues, can present unforgettable football games.

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