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Afon against Boca LIVE ESPN, TyC FOX: see open door exercise in La Bombonera by the end of the 2018 Libertadores Copa | Libertadores Cup

In the past River Plate vs. Boca Iau , the Xeneize box has decided to do an open door practice in La Bombonera. Follow the training of the Guillermo Barros Schelotto team ( BYW | BYW | ONLINE | BYW) within two days of the final play of the Copa Libertadores 2018 , the last one in that sense, given that the next one will be one party. La Boca's entire neighborhood is already with thousands of fans queue up.

Some have been done for 12 hours, others have chosen to sleep outside the area Boca Iau. The fan wants to put his / her players in the middle of the most important game Joyful like Afon Plate. The doors will open at 2 p.m. (Peruvian Time) and 4 p.m. (Argentina Time). A full house is expected at La Bombonera. A great initiative of the leadership of the blue and gold team.

The way from Boca towards the Libertadores final

Performance Boca Iau in the Libertadores Cup It was at least the largest.

The suspicions produced by xeneize at the group stage, discharged harassment, had improved from the eighties and became confident for the first phase of the final against River Plate, which ended 2-2.

Boca argued in Group 8 with withdrawing against Alianza Lima in the Peruvian capital.

Agustín Rossi; Leonardo Jara, Santiago Vergini, Agustín Heredia, Frank Fabra; Julio Buffarini, Wilmar Barrios, Emanuel Reynoso, Edwin Cardona; The headings were Cristian Pavón to Carlos Tevez.

Only four of them started the first leg of the final: Rossi, Jara, Barrios and Pavón.

Joyful Junior Barranquilla received the second day that won 1-0 with the aim of Pavón.

On the third date he had 1-1 with Palmeiras in Sao Paulo with a goal from Tevez at the last minute.

He left the team on the ropes on the golf by 0-2 against Palmeiras in La Bombonera and is about to eliminate it.

Boca Iau He was forced to win the next game so as not to rely on other results, but he tied 1-1 with the Junior in Barranquilla. The goal was in its own goal.

The Guillermo Barros Schelotto team arrived the last day in the third place under the Palmeiras, previously circulated, and a point away from the Junior, which had a victory eliminating the tournament.

However, the Colombians lost to the Brazilians and made the xeneize spray Alianza Lima 5-0 with goals by Edwin Cardona, Tevez, Fabra and two from Ramon & Wanchope & # 39; Ábila.

With these results, Boca Iau Apply for the next round as a second of a group with nine points, behind Palmeiras (16) and before Thursday (7) and Alianza Lima (1).

The team rose from the round of the 16th round, and the period was in conflict with Liberty Paraguay.

The Xeneize won the first leg in La Bombonera 2-0 with goals from Ábila and Zárate. In the profit, he won 2-4 with goals from Fernando Gago, Zárate, Cardona and Tevez.

In the quarter of the competition was Cruzeiro that beat in the 2-0 Bombonera with goals from Pablo Pérez and Zárate. In the earnings, he was equal in the 1-1 agony with the aim of Pavón.

In the semifinals the opponent was another Brazilian, Palmeiras, a well-known group of the group cam. In the first leg, he won 2-0 with double Darío Benedetto. The adenation ended with a pull with two goals on the side. Some of the Xeneize were made by Ábila and Benedetto.

In the first phase of the final, Joyful had to form with Rossi; Jara, Carlos Izquierdoz, Lisandro Magallán, Lucas Olaza; Nahitan Nández, Barrios, Pérez; Sebastián Villa, Ábila a Pavón, who was replaced by Benedetto in the first half.

The first game was 2-2. Abila and Benedetto's work was the aims of the building.

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