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2018 Delegated Tournament: Alianza Lima and Melgar define who starts home at the semifinal | Closes | Sports | Sports


The two teams that play only half a half in the national definition will already be set, Alianza Lima and Melgar will look for the final path where Sports Cristal is in wait for a competitor The cycle trips already have an estimated date, but the placement order is still unknown, here it tells you how it will be defined.

The power to choose placements falls on the team that is best placed in a Completed Tab of Deleted 2018. This team will decide whether to close the home series or visit her. Everything suggests that Melgar would have the box with 78 points in the collection, but Alianza Lima also has a small option, keep reading the note to find out how media & # 39; agree to choose their destination.

The Victory box is a 3-storey site with 72 points, 6 units lower than Melgar in the absence of 1 date to complete a Clausura Tournament. However, the blanquiazules & # 39; anticipated game against San Martín Universidad.

To be able to choose the location, League he must beat # USMP a a Binational From a visit in the last date, in addition, Melgar must lose the saint. So the two teams would be equal in the table with 78 points and we would have to turn to the different goals (currently favorable to roots & # 39;) .

Help with you to keep it OK

Alianza Lima has another option, the rescue has located in the second in the The Tournament of the Orders, to finish the championship in that situation, the main team will receive another point in the accumulation. If the previous paragraph results are given, League We will use that point to overcome Arequipa and determine the location of the semifinals.

More information about semifinal dates here.


Cumulative score table

Table accumulated

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