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Want the most Lotto prize in the borough


LottoThere was almost a 15 million NOK ready in the first prize pool when the Lotto engine started in Hamar's pull. He ended with the following winning series:

6 – 8 – 12 – 15 – 16 – 17 – 27

The additional figure was 25.

Seven series went to seven instantly, and one of the winners lives in Hordaland. Fusa is the millions of the most recent Lotto in the county.

He had seen the trip on television and rarely could not believe what he discovered when he looked at his coupon.

"And now I've checked and checked several times, and I'm pretty sure that a pretty man is.

When Norsk Tipping was called at least the name of the name, it was definitely clear.

– Yes, thank you time. This was very nice, the man said.

14 million kroner at the Lotto pot on Saturday. Put this coupon before Saturday in 1800!

More Lotto or last year winners

The man from Fusa came to the sixth million Lotto of the borough with just over 3800 residents, and the third only this year. In September, two girls from Fusa won the removal of Superlotto.

Hordaland has the second largest Lotto millionaire in Norway. The Fusa man came in 615. Lotto Millionaire from Hordaland. Only Akershus has more earnings in history.

So far in 2018, 30 league alliances have received millions of premiums from the Lotto game to their accounts. There are eight more than last year. In 2017 there were 22 million prizes at Lotto in Hordaland.

Five million millions in the Fusa borough

2.9 felin: Female, Joker 27.04.2013

2.1 Mill: Male, Lottery 10.11.2018

1.9 Mill: Female, Lottery 24.08.2002

1.6 million: Female, Lottery 02.12.2000

1.5 Mill: Male, Extra 24.06.2014

Winners of Ten Andelsbank

Seven races went in with seven instantly, but there were not seven million new Lotto millionaires …

One of the racks was introduced from Andelsbank. There are ten units behind each game presented, which means ten people share at one prize for seven instantly. In addition, Andelsbanken was a system voucher that also gave a large number of smaller premiums – the total NOK 2,257,030.

So, these ten people have earned 225,703 kroner each.

The remaining six million remaining are provided by private individuals – divided into six different counties. They have references in Tønsberg, Egersund, Trondheim, Østre Toten and Oslo.

An amazing 29 million NOK in the Viking Lotto pot on Wednesday. Here you can provide the coupon!

Here are the responses of the other winners:

Male from Egersund: Sounds great

– It sounds amazing. And you have to have a happy job. I slipped to the Egersund man when we asked to convey the happy message of Hamar.

He won a 5 week wrap that he presented with his tablet in October.

"We're a family with plenty of holes to put the money in, but we'll also have a bit of fun. And tonight, I'll take a skirt at all, laugh at the end of the day.

Female from Trondheim: Checked the first number

Trondheim's wife did not answer our first call – she was suspicious about an unknown number. But when I checked it, it began to know what the call could be about, and the lotto reception that was presented with a mobile phone was discovered rapidly on Saturday last Saturday.

– Yes, and then I saw that I won. We were totally surprised here, the wife said, who was with the family.

"We'll be celebrating a little tonight and then we'll see what's happening, but it's a life-changing event," said the woman.

Male from Oslo: Sharing with children

Oslo had not checked his coupon when he called us and got a surprise.

"But it was a very nice message to get – not every day to say that," said the gentleman.

He estimated that some of the rewards went to the children.

"They are in induction and it will be nice to help them," said the man. He had introduced his arm at Narvesen in Skillebekk.

Male from Tønsberg

We have not contacted the millionaire Lotto from Tønsberg. He gave his cell with the mobile phone.

Male from Østre Toten

We have not contacted the Lotto millionaire from Østre Toten. He hit his arm at Skreia Sport o Spill.

Percentage of Bank Winners

The ten people who earned $ 225,703 with Andelsbank have spread across the country:

  • Male from Rana. Posted by Obs Mo to Rana.
  • Male from Bold. After submitting with the mobile phone.
  • Man of Time. After rolling out on the web.
  • Male from Beiarn. After presenting in Beiarn Prix Coop.
  • Male from Kongsberg. After submitting with the mobile phone.
  • Male from Vinje. After submitting with the mobile phone.
  • Female from Skedsmo. After presenting at Narvesen at Strømmen Storsenter.
  • Male from Midsund. After presenting at Best Midsund.
  • Male from Vestre Toten. After submitting with the mobile phone.
  • Male from Vegårshei. After submitting with the mobile phone.

14 million kroner at the Lotto pot on Saturday. Put this coupon before Saturday in 1800!

(Winner's prize prize is 1: 5.4 million row)

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