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US stock exchanges fell on Tuesday: The increase in the year is exchanged – Shares – Stock Exchange and Finance


On Tuesday, US stock exchanges fall for the second consecutive day, led by others in the field of Big Apple technology, Goldman Sachs investment bank and ExxonMobil oil jumper.

Two of the three most important indexes in the US are now smaller for 2018 so far, after rising earlier this year.

After closing on Tuesday, Dow Jones is slightly down over one percent so far in 2018, while the S & P500 drops 1.19 percent to date this year.

On Tuesday after its closure, the Nasdaq rich technology index is up to 2018, with an increase of only 0.08 per cent.

Before trading on Tuesday, Dow Jones was above 1.2 per cent and 0.6 per cent for 2018 so far, while Nasdaq rises by 1.8 per cent for the year to date.

– This looks like a constant concern about what caused the fall in October. Craig Creshan, president of Icon Funds, said CNBC said.

New fall Tuesday

The recent cutter in the market, among other things, was explained by concerns raised about US and China trade and a potential global brake in growth.

Among other things, Goldman Sachs fears that US growth will slow down next year after Trump tax breaks fall and central bank interest rates start to bite.

Here's how I traded to the most important indices on Tuesday:

  • Dow Jones down 2.21 percent to 24.464 points
  • The S & P500 down 1.82 percent to 2.641 points
  • Nasdaq Composer is down 1.7 percent to 6.908 points

Among the single shares that contributed to the most negative Tuesday was the big Apple, which dropped 4.78 per cent to $ 176, with up to $ 232 in October.

Widespread fall

There was no big news that would show a big equity reduction on Tuesday. However, the stock markets and oil prices are falling significantly. Oil prices dropped from $ 66 to the fierce level of Tuesday of $ 61.69 on Tuesday before it rose again.

"There has been no new oil news today. The case is part of a wider market sales, says raw material analyst in SEB, Bjarne Schieldrop, to E24.

The reduction in oil prices also contributed to the krona's appreciation, especially against the dollar. A dollar is now worth NOK 8.59, which means that the krone is weak since May 2017.

– Sharing shares, interest rates dropped, oil dropped, money decreased in emerging economies and the dollar was strengthened. Magne Østnor does not have a good mix for Norwegian Krone, as DNB to E24 Markets.

Increased a lot

Dow Jones was 8.53 per cent for the year on its top October October, but it fell suddenly in October. Then, it was resumed in early November, but then a number of days have dropped from November 8.

The S & P500 was higher than 9.62 per cent per year, mainly on September 20, but went through the same roller collar as Dow Jones.

The Nasdaq rich technology index was up to 17.47 per cent for this year, as of August 31. Then the technology index was also on the roller coaster.

Drop on the Oslo Stock Exchange

The Oslo Stock Exchange has also dropped significantly at the beginning of the week, with a 2.78 per cent decline on Tuesday, to 841 points. So, the main index is down 11 percent of the highlight in September.

However, the Oslo Stock Exchange continues firmly as well as that in 2018, with an increase of 3.29 per cent of 815 points at the beginning of the year.

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