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Try and Anorak secure Epica prices


The money was earned for DNB in ​​the "Spare" campaign, and contributed as a safe Norway to the first Epica award, "Nothing". (See the case movie further down in this case.)

When trying, the creative team was in Egil Pay and Lars-Joachim Grimstad, but
many in the agency have contributed; Mads Rolland Krogh, Sebastian Rasch, Camilla Bjørnhaug, Preben Moan, Anette Bellika Finnanger, Arne Eggen, Kristina Skogen and Jeppe Gjesti.

– For a nice message to have a Tuesday! Only this one
The campaign is quite a lot of work, so we appreciate this money! Or say so: Thanks for free, says Egil Pay for Campaign.

Watch the movie "Nothing" and a movie about this campaign
(the article continues after the movies).

– Very proud

In Anorak, you are very proud of bronze – won in the Public / Social Interest category. The customer was Amnesty, and with Qvisten
Animek Anorak has made a movie about proposals for new law on consent.

"For a year when all the companies in Europe worked on their GDPR consent, we are very pleased that this post has begun a debate about just as important
consistently, in Norway and in Europe. The idea also had a great deal of participation with Qvisten, who succeeded in rebuilding the adventurous atmosphere of old cartoons, "said Torgeir Vierdal, chairman of the area in Anorak
to the Campaign.

The creative team included the writers of the copy of Peter Høyer-Andreassen and Hallvard Fjeldbraaten. Art Director has been Magnus Høgberg Hansen and Jens-Petter Aarhus. The other that was related to Anorak was Janne
Espevalen, Camilla von Borcke, Erlend Dal Sakshaug and Henrik Guderud.

Anorak is part of The North North Alliance (Noa).

Watch the Amnesty movie here (The article goes on after the movie):

The Swiss agencies sent 46 contributions this year
For the competition, 15 were shortlisted. There are Norwegian win opportunities, so follow Kampanje.

Context image:

silver medal winner:

The "No" campaign that Try has done for DNB has won this year's money

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