Tuesday , January 25 2022

Time Requirement – This happened this evening


Four were shot at Chicago

Four people were killed in a skype episode at a Chicago hospital in the United States on Monday afternoon locally.

The offender was asked to shoot and kill. In addition, three other people, including a policeman, died the police.

The profile of KrF asks for a statement

Einar Steensnæs, who has been the deputy chairman of the KrF, leader and parliamentary minister, joins the series of KrF profiles that respond to the leaders' game before the party chooses this drop this autumn, Dagbladet writes.

He says he was disappointed with what was disclosed in the disclosure of the power power disclosure of the party's election.

Male in the 20s were robbed in Bærum

The police looked a night after Tuesday two boys after a man in the 20s was beaten, threatened with knife and wrapped in Bærum at the end of Monday night. The event was behind the 7-Eleven kiosk and a gas station at Brynsveien on Kolsås.

The victim was sent to investigate and handle in the emergency room. The police describe the robbery so badly.

Eurozone discount at overtime

Vendors have failed to agree a common budget for the euro area for 2019 by the Monday closing date. The discussions will continue after March.

Finance ministers in the euro group discussed Monday the joint French-German proposal on how a budget could be planned for the eurozone, but the parties did not agree.

Ranger Ranger

Rangers of New York took their sixth home win immediately when he met Dallas Stars at NHL on Monday. Mats Zuccarello made his 2-1 stall of the stall.

The Nordmann, who has three back to seven, has assisted this NHL season, suffered injury to the injury. Due to the injury, so it's very uncertain that one races the New York derby between Rangers and Islanders on Wednesday.

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