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This year's folk music is Anne Hytta


Hardingfelespelaren won the Folkelar Prize during the Meister Concert in Sunday Sunday Sunday.

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Picture Anne Hytta: Ingvil Skeie Ljones

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During the Meister Concert at the Opera on Sunday night, the hard actress Anne Hytta heidra was the best prize under Folkelarm.

Meinar Jury:
«This year's folk musicians in 2018 have a deeper understanding of the traditions or the majority, and at the same time they are seamless considering how to hide their instruments.

He creates new music in a number of genres, and plays old and sometimes light music as he sees the audience today deserves the right. It shows us a story by exploring the story of the story and older relatives of the instrument, and we are calling us the future by using the rich audio register of hardfalls in new ways.

The single debut page in 2006 has contributed to twenty recordings. In 2018 he has released four albums with so many groups – Slagr, Tokso, Sogesong and Aurora Borealis – with music ranging from German middle-aged music and Norwegian ballads to free chamber and improvisation music. He has also contributed to stage work in Norway and Denmark.

His previous album with traditional uniform play, Strimur, won in 2017 a Folkelar Award for Gospel and Spellemannspris in the class of folk music / traditional music. He now wrote work performed by the Telemark and Slagr Chamber Orchestra spring spring 2019. As a writer, he was labeled as a columnist in Klassekampen and Morgenbladet. In a safe language, Ho presents and explains folk music, subject matter of music and other professional information to a general audience. As the editor of the Quintet and Årbok for Norwegian folk music, he is our central power and important voice in the organizational life of Norwegian folk music. "

About the national price
Folkelarm is hitting an industry for traditional music, having run for the first gang in 2005. The popular poverty award has already started to be part of Folkelarm. Here the best albums will be released from the past year, and winners will be part of the category of individual games, traditional interaction, documentation and open class. In addition, this year's prestigious folk music award is awarded.

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