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This is Pro Huawei P30


Today Huawei reveals its latest camera phone, P30 Pro. DN follows the presentation and you can get the update by updating this article regularly.

The P-Huawei series has been aimed primarily at private users who have high use of the media and strict camera requirements. When P20 Pro arrived this time last year, it set a new standard for a mobile camera. In the fall, Mate came 20 Pro, which went even further in terms of innovation. It is expected that the P30 and the P30 Pro will make even more developments in a moving picture being assisted by artificial intelligence.

It's still early in the presentation, but already there are two models, P30 and P30 Pro. We have found that the P30 Pro has four cameras on the back, while the P30 has three cameras.

P30 Pro will cost 128 GB of memory with NOK 9700, and NOK 11,800 with 512 GB of memory.

The P30 will get a slightly more nice price around NOK 7500.

The P30 Pro has a screen that measures just under 6.5 inches diagonally and a 4200 mAh battery, which is a lot of comparison with competitor models. The screen goes all the way to the edge and although it has a bigger screen, the P30 is narrower than the Iphone XR and XS Max.

As the Pro 20 Mate, the P30 models also have the finger scanner to integrate it into the screen. This sensor was not very good in the 20 Mate Pro, but it has been combined with 3D face detection, you can unlock your phone safely and quickly.

The phones are now available to order in Norwegian shops, but according to BGR, Huawei will not start distributing in Europe before April 5.


The P30 Pro has four rear cameras, a very wide angle, a wide angle and 5x telephoto. In addition, the phone has its own ToF camera, which is practically a separate camera that supports the others to create optical depth effects. The depth camera will solve the problem that all mobile cameras must create credible deeper effects in other portraits and images. The effects of such are based primarily on software in mobile phones, but now Huawei wants to do the work optically.

According to Huawei, you can zoom in with up to 50x without getting bad pictures, but digital and hybrid magnification variants of such kind have not been particularly impressive in the past.

According to Huawei, the new image chip in the wide angle camera, which takes 40-megapixel images, will release 40 percent more light than its nearest competitor (their own phones only). The ISO value limit is 409600 on the P30 Pro. For comparison, a professional Canon ISO 102000 camera. For most people this means that if a Huawei claim is okay, the camera should be able to draw even if it's too dark to see something with the naked eye t .

As with Mate 20 Pro, you can take macro images up to 2.5 cm away.

In addition, the stability of optical images from the wide angle cameras and telephoto to provide smarter images in darkness and movement.

As with the previous models, P30 Pro also uses artificial intelligence to post process images taken. In practice, the phone takes a lot of pictures that are analyzed and combined into one result, which Huawei calls their AI HDR +.

The AI ​​HDR + is also present in the front cameras, which can take images up to 32 megapixel in size.

Video can also be recorded with 5x and 10x zoom. You can even shoot with two zooming factors simultaneously and get a composite film that shows a wide angle and close to the same time. The video module uses, as well as the optical image stabilization, image stabilization has been managed by software that is based on software. According to Huawei, this should provide images as stable as a GoPro camera.


AI cores themselves are not the processor and the most powerful mobile processors on the market are new to Huawei. But, as expected, they've got an even higher performance of the system, probably about 50 percent.

The 4200 mAh battery is a little more than the P20 Pro and the same as the Mate 20 Pro. The battery life is 27 percent longer than on P20 Pro, according to Huawei.

The charging speed is the same as Pro 20 Mate speed, with 40 watts for wire lifting and 20 watts for wireless charging. And as the Pro 20 Mate and Galaxy S10, the P30 can introduce power wirelessly and recharge other electronics that can be raised magnetic with the Qi standard.


It's not so great news in the functionality of the P30 Pro. But you can enable Google Assistant by holding the button and creating 3D models of physical objects with the ToF camera.

Huawei also supports a number of new standards for communications in the field. Among other things, one can use the phone as a key to doors and cars that support the necessary wireless standards. Some Audi models have support for this, as well as some Chinese cars.(Circle)Copyright Dagens Næringsliv MP and / or our suppliers. We would like you to share our cases using the link, which leads directly to our pages. All other types of content can only be copied or used after written permission or as permitted by law. For further terms see here.

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