Monday , October 3 2022

This could mean more expensive mortgages


Interest rates on the money market Nibor has risen really over the last few weeks. According to DN, it is now its culmination by the end of 2016. The currency market rate last raised to today's level, the country's largest banks chose to raise interest rates on their mortgages.

Ringholm's First Credit Analyst in Sparebank 1 Markets say that there are conditions from abroad, specifically the US, which are driving the interest rate hike.

"Indeed, there are two things that Nibor sends: There are either external movements, that is, from the US, or because the Norwegian market expects Norges Bank to raise its policy rate," he explained Ringholm.

Ringholm does not believe that there are domestic conditions behind the rise in interest rates in recent weeks.

Nils, Kristian Knudsen, stated in the Handelsbanken Capital Markets in October, that only a matter of time before a number of banks were following interest rates hikes should Nibor continue to pull it up.

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