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– They boarded a train back to the 19th century and stayed there – VG


SPEAK OUT: Ada Hegerberg on Lørenbanen is filmed here by ESPN who made a documentary about her. Photos were taken in October 2019. Photo: Berit Roald / NTB

American ESPN is announcing a documentary about Ada Hegerberg this week. There she talks about how to become the world’s best footballer, the family and the national team brawl.

– I remember I realized that there weren’t the same opportunities for boys and girls. It’s about being respected on an equal footing, Hegerberg opens with the question of why he said no to national team games in 2017.

In the 42-minute documentary that VG has accessed, the 25-year-old talks about everything from growing up, football life in Lyon and much about the difference between women and men in sport.

She cites examples such as the women’s national team having a pair of shoes, where none of the sizes were correct.

– An absolute disaster, she describes just that.

DOCUMENTS: “My Name Is Ada Hegerberg” will be released this week by American ESPN. Photo: ESPN

– The instructor looked at me and stressed

Hegerberg also mentions a training camp where the men’s national team and the women’s national team were. According to Hegerberg, the women had then qualified for the championship, while the men had not. However, she points out that it was the guys who managed to play on the best courts and get the best facilities.

– The secretary general came to look at the national teams, and they said they could see us and listen to what we said. “Bravo you guys so good” was kind of the attitude. I got up and wondered why we weren’t allowed to play on the best course as we qualified for the World Cup, Hegerberg said and added:

– The trainer was stressed before the secretary general had time to reply, and this should not have been asked for. I was tired of backward criticism. We thought women were complaining too much, and I had to make a choice: either be quiet or talk. I’m getting more and more angry here now, Hegerberg laughs in the documentary.

The Secretary General of the Football Association of Norway, Pål Bjerketvedt, has read through the criticism Hegerberg presents in the documentary.

– These are conditions to which many representatives of the society have responded numerous times before. I have no further comments on a case now more than three years old, Bjerketvedt’s comments.

Shock after press conference

After Hegerberg made her decision, he points out that he would not go out with details of respect for the football association. He says the outcome of the decision began when the NFF held a press conference about the situation.

– It was a circus. They said it was a complete shock to them and they were very surprised by the decision. Throughout our national team career, we had an “environment where everyone could talk freely”. But it never was. So it shouldn’t have come as a shock to them, he said.

Hegerberg smoked the crucifixion ligament in January:

She points out that she wasn’t the only one who felt this, but that she had respect for those who stayed. She also points out that this was never about coaches or the players.

– It’s about an old-fashioned society. It’s about a system. They boarded a train back to the 19th century and stayed there.

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Think it will be remembered internationally

The documentary also includes an interview Hegerberg did with the Washington Post. Journalist Steven Goff chatted with her, while at the same time contributing to the documentary.

– Norway might have been a candidate to win had she played. It caught people’s attention and I think this is a turning point. I think people will think in ten years time: “Do you remember when the best player in the world chose to say no?” It takes a lot of courage to do that, Goff said.

In the closing scene of the documentary, Hegerberg says she believes the future is bright for women’s football. She believes that big things can happen.

– We have to talk to make changes. Being a woman is not a stop to do what you want in life.

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