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The World Cup party wakes up: – Okay, very long since this happened


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Thursday is the fifth World Cup in London. The opening of the party between the enthusiastic chess experts of Carlsen and Caruana.

The sixth movement of Love moved, farmer to p4, the party. In the NRK studio, Torstein Bay returned its head – in a pure surprise. "Oioioi!" Jon Ludvig Hammer said in the VGTV mission.

Caruana had sacrificed a piece of paper – a clear sign that would go into the carlsen neck.


Chess journalist Tarjei Joten Svensen believes that the situation of the tournament shows that Caruana should play abusive.

– It was expected. Given that Caruana is going to play with black pieces in the next two parties, this is one day that he really has to do, says Svensen, the man behind the mattogpatt sewage site .no, in the press.

Caruana played what he calls the chess language suddenly. Common features are often increasing features and chance of victory / loss and reduction of chance of loss. Storm Jonathan Tisdall star looked at the crew.

"I'm trying to remember recently, I've seen such a sudden opening in the World Cup. Very well, a long way ago, said Tisdall, a former executive in the Chess Association Norwegian.

breakneck speed

The next few minutes happened a lot on the board. Carlsen played fast. Caruana Play breakneck speed. After an hour the party was in the final game.

The spectacular preparations of the players – in a relatively unusual opening – were a clear indication of this World Cup's high air level.

Ultimately, Carlsen also praised how he was handling the situation.

"Although he was astonished at the opening, he counted well. He was able to keep silent, says an international champion (IM), Anna Rudolf, an observer in the official mission of this organizer in London.

The player of the champion of the world champion also impressed the player Jon Ludvig Hammer who was the second Carlsen competition.

"He managed to find all the good moves so that he survives to Caruana he has to think about.

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