Tuesday , May 24 2022

The mysterious door of Demon’s Souls has been opened


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Bluepoint made old fans and new players go over every corner when redoing Shadow of the Colossus by adding a secret cave and some mysterious coins, so many hoped they had done something similar in Demon’s Souls. After a few days, it became clear that the talented studio had fulfilled the wishes by adding a locked door that hid a mysterious object. The days went by as players around the world tried many different things to get past the door, but now the mystery has finally been solved.

One of the first to open the door at Demon’s Souls was the streamer Distortion2, and the answer is again to collect coins. Specifically to collect Ceramic Silver which only appears in Cut Mode when it is Pure White Trend or Pure Black Trend. After collecting 30 pieces (maybe you only need 26 since From Software’s first game, King’s Field, turning 26 in December?), He decided to try his luck at Sparkly the Crow, which turned out to be a graph. A new rusty key was waiting for him to buy. Of course it opened the door above, and the prize is a new armor based on the Penetrator boss.

So it took a week for the internet to solve the mystery, which is quite impressive. A new star in the book for Bluepoint to do something so interesting again, and for players around the world to work together to solve the sieve.

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