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The gold cap is out – Fire down in the 3rd place


Fire was sometimes played in Kristiansund, and although the reddishes could settle for a penalty in the second half, the home team was in a class in himself.

So, Half Lot fell to the 3rd place on the board. At the same time, the comfort is that that medal has now to make sure, with the Haugesund tap ending Fire in the 3rd worst place. So, the red jumps qualify for Europe next season.

Fire on the heels

The home team opens clearly the best. Aggressive Kristiansund went straight into Brann's neck. The costumes were not hanging at a time, and they did not get the ball. There was a panic opening, but all KBK came out of a few dangerous jobs. The fire defense got to get away. In particular, the middle field failed to turn the central movements.

But Lot was in front of the first big chance. Kristoffer Barmen Gilli Rólantsson sent on the left 9 minutes to the game. Finally, the ferry showed its highest speed, and the train reached the speed down the closing date. He set 45 degrees to Fredrik Haugen. The inside was in a bad connection, and the finish was close to the KBK keeper, Sean McDermott, who saved his body. In fact, Haugen should send Fire ahead.

Shortly after that, Barmen had a qualified finish to finish, but he sent the ball a little over the cross opposite.

Bad game – and 1-0

That was KBK whatever it continued to run the game, against a constant hanging fire. After 37 minutes, the crowd was on his feet, as Gilbert Koomson cut to the right. Instead of finishing at 16 meters or continuing to the goal, the edge player selected was unacceptable: Trying to finish off, Dan Peter Ulvestad stops, which is easy to show the ball away. Fredrik Haugen then got a yellow card to break a player. In the second row, KBK attacker Aliou Coly, put a penelin straight in the throat of Taijo Teniste. The ultimate fire back hit his feet, but Coly's ugly movement could be able to lead to a straight red card. He is the same guy who stamped Jakob Orlov's disgrace last year, says Judge's position Tom Harald Hagen later that Coly did not show him.

The main judge on Sunday, Rohit Saggi, did not see the situation. It should be excused for that. But then, he broke the wrong way to Lot. First, Bambi otherwise similar to Thomas Grøgaard has turned off the finish line. The following corner was starring Andreas Hopmark, in a duel where Branse Haugen was not near to reach.

The rest of the game tried the two teams, and in particular Lot gained weight on the KBK cage. Get out for 1-0 for a break.


Deyver Vega came to Barmen during the break. He made a great opportunity for Lot, but unfortunately the ball gave Koomson. He destroyed everything by giving the ball up in what he felt like age before everything was poured into the sand.

Then the pain became worse. As the man manages to clear the ball from the center after 55 minutes, hit the ball through a KBK player and straight on Amidou Diop. The fierce midfielder had a little over 16 meters, sending the shot through the longest and incoming mail. The keeper of the fireman Markus Olsen Pettersen was bad.

He did not take much before Lot reply. He got on the ball and sent to Daouda Bamba. The most valuable Kristiansund man went to the ball 16 minutes to the game, finishing with spectacular fun. He showed an insight into why he paid an eight million Lottery this year: The shot broke to the net, a drop and 2-1!

Penalty issue in second round of recycling

With 63 minutes playing, Brann-keeper Pettersen received Colys's stunning and dangerous style. After killing the ball, Coly arrived in the 19th century, stamped by KBK-tip. This time too, Rogger's attention also escaped.

What became odd was Roggi's attention in another situation. Vito Wormgoor was relaxed in the back room (what the stopper was still a "tip", the gods must know!). Pscyche was high up with one foot, but what Saggi was awarded, who responded to him after the game. Even so he was punished for Lottery! Daouda Bamba would have the opportunity to put him back against the former club. Instead of equal, he dropped the ball over the left cross that sent the jubilee to the ceiling at the Kristiansund Stadium.

Lot attempted to run in the final, but in a disorderly condition of berry sand in Nordmøre, very few of it. The home team could also have a penalty in the last minutes, when Vega was rather absurd in the Brann field.

3-1 came under Dan Ulvestad as KBK captain broke Vito Wormgoor into the sky 89 minutes into the game. The game was run, and Brann 1-3 lost at Nordmøre.

Kristiansund – Brann 3-1 (1-0)

Eliteserien football men, 29th series. Kristiansund Stadium, Judge: Rohit Saggi, Arfn. Yellow card: Sørmo, Ulvestad, KBK. Rólantsson, Haugen, Barmen, Brann.

Measurements: 1-0 Andreas Hopmark (40), 2-0 Amidou Diop (55), 2-1 Daouda Bamba (size 59), 3-1 Dan Peter Ulvestad (89).

Fire (4-3-3): Mark Olsen Pettersen, Taijo Teniste, Vito Wormgoor, Christian Eggen Rismark, Thomas Grøgaard – Fredrik Haugen, Ruben Yttergård Jenssen, Kristoffer Barmen (Deyver Vega or 46) – Gilbert Koomson (Steffen Lie Skålevik or 90), Daouda Bamba, Gilli Rólantsson Karadas o 84).

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