Tuesday , March 2 2021

The bike had to steal on Finn.no. The police joined each other

On Sunday, the bike went when the owner was picking up where he was parked at Åkebergveien near the police station in Oslo.

On Monday, the owner of the bicycle appeared in the same police house and asked for police help to "buy" again the bike, which he himself paid for 4000 kroner.

He had seen the bicycle sold with a photo on Finn.no. The picture was so good that the frame number was legible.

And the owner could show a receipt to the police with just the frame number as proof that he was his bike.

He had made an agreement with the seller in Finn.no to meet Kjølberggata for trading. And he would like to bring the police.

"It is not so frequent that the police participate in such assignments. In such cases, the owner must be able to document the actual owner of the bike. It could be a man in this case, and therefore became a patrol, "said Line Scott's operations manager in the Oslo police in Dagbladet on Monday night.

The woman was selling

At the agreed purchase point, the bike and the woman were waiting for 30 years, had been arrested by the police. The bike gets the right owner again, and the police question the seller by Finn.no.

Does Finn.no have any legal responsibility for thieves' exports?

Head of Consumer Safety Department, Geir Petter Gjesen, answers:

– No, there are no laws that give us some responsibility in this way. But we want everything to be right and so we have our own security department and we have given advice to consumers.

pay in advance

The most common problem cases are a pure fraud, and which pre-paid customers do not come from it now. In the case of prepayment, we are working to resubmit a new solution where the money is secure until the buyer has confirmed that the item or service is accepted, "said Gjesen at Dagbladet.

If leaving the bike to steal, the security manager recommends you check Finn.no to check if there are things posted there.

– Otherwise, it is wise to inform the police and us. Geir Petter Gjessen said: "Both of us and the police have problems in both ways."

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