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TEST: Huawei App Gallery –


Companies from the US refused to cooperate with Huawei Chinese. That means that Google's Android provider can't work as close as the Chinese as they've to do.

So, Huawei may have to make their own version of Android and use their own app store on their phones.

But they already have their own app store. It's called App Gallery and if you have a newer Huawei product, it's probably on your screen.

Today Bloomberg announced that the company has been trying to get into app developers in this store, with promises of growth support in China.

And the shop contains a lot of apps that you wouldn't think you'd see in a Chinese app store. Here you will find, for example, Facebook and Google apps in forces.

Full app store

You can pay for content, but just inside the apps for now. I did not find apps that you could buy right from App Gallery. Photo: Finn Jarle Kvalheim,

There are many similar solutions, where mobile phones and manufacturers try to show the apps they recommend. But in many cases, these are just a way of making their own lists of content to highlight them, while the download itself has been scheduled on Google Play.

Huawei App Gallery is not such a solution. The full app store is in most ways except one. At the moment, it's probably not possible to pay for apps when downloading.

But it is possible to pay for content and unlock features as soon as you have downloaded the app.

Unlike Google Play, you can also find Fortnite Epics in this app store.

It's not just good news

But it's not just gold and green shoes in the Huawei App Gallery. Many of the apps we love don't exist in the shop.

There were disappointing results in a quick search for some samples. These were the apps we didn't find:

  • The Roomseries (games)
  • Mountain Climbing Racingseries (games)
  • Asphaltseries (games)
  • Real Racingseries (games)
  • airfoil (app utility, AirPlay for Android) t
  • AirDroid (utility app, remote control and backup)
  • Netflix (the one without dragons)

App showing car keys? Here we are very strange and useless. Photo: Finn Jarle Kvalheim,

A random selection of some of the apps was the user who signed below, but most are big enough and have a reputation to be suspected of being in multiple stores.

However, a quick search on HBO showed that App Gallery had been connected to Google Play for anything. For the regular HBO app (the one with dragons) it had a full description and developer information on the App Gallery, but instead led the installation button to the HBO Nordic app on Google Play.

Scrap scrap and copy copy into app store. What about the Indian Army Rebellion, for example? The developer is Chinese, and it probably doesn't have anything to do with the Anti-Strike game made by Valve, although it seems pretty at sight t first.

Lots of scrap

Whole category is called the app store in car. And there you will not find driving simulators. Instead, you will find odd and partly vague car apps. So like the app that shows car keys from famous car brands and plays engine sounds from the cars.

Some of these apps at least make my step – and make me think about some apps stores apps in the mobile version of Windows, and Samsung's Bada platform. Cooling!

But one can live with some noise in the machines if the search and sorting function is good. And, well, the search works pretty well, but the sorting is medium. You're having a lot of strange things in the search results as well as what you're looking for.

Good at something bad on the other

Fortnite is here, but there is also an Indian Army Rebellion Strike. Photo: Finn Jarle Kvalheim,

Overall, an App Gallery is a good and bad experience. But there are probably a lot of drawbacks here that don't seem like a good alternative to Google Play at once.

But at the same time there is one aspect that seems very important.

The Huawei app store in several areas has come as far as Samsung and Microsoft had their mobile app stores… when they gave up. After spending a lot of money and getting very little support.

Under the radar

This has been quietly built in Huawei, and without creating so much trouble from its surroundings. What can the world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer do with App Gallery if they get the knife on their neck? I suspect that neither Apple nor Samsung were able to predict the speeding up of the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer as the ambitions started to grow beyond the realms of cheap mobile phones.

You are currently finding Spotify and Google Play for download from Huawei App Gallery. But Spotify is just a reference to something available in another region – and because the Spotify app is already installed from Google Play on the phone, we checked. It's not known what happens to include the US in terms of the trade ban that is preventing collaboration between Google and Huawei.

But I note that the shop and the payment solution are run by an Irish subsidiary of Huawei under the name of Aspiegel. The change came from China to Ireland last year. And Huawei also has his own grazier, in case Chrome should disappear.

This can be considered as preparation for the Google crisis, but it is good to remember that these phones are also being sold in China, where Google is not part of the package anyway. They therefore need a double set of services.

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