Thursday , September 29 2022

Tesla will double the number of superintendents before the end of 2019


Thanks to an increasing charging network, the term "concern of a range" is something that does not affect the owners of Tesla.

Now, the head, Elon Musk, has ensured us that they will continue their commitment to senior carriers next year.

It is expected to double global capacity closely, and it is keen to cover between "95 to 100 percent of the population in each operating market."

From today, Tesla has nearly 11,500 surgeons worldwide. So, if these plans were waterproof, we are talking about about 23,000 of them by the end of next year.

Photo: Vegar Jansen,

This makes sense in many ways, especially now that Tesla charges. This means that cars will not only be able to accelerate "common" charging stations, but also that other car brands in theory can use the Teslas Superchargers.

There will be a continuous focus on the development of the charging network so positive to the whole electric cars industry.

Also faster

According to the Twitter Music account, a supercharger version 3 – Supercharger V3 – will appear in early 2019. Although today's drivers can provide up to 120 kW, the upcoming version will be able to charge faster pushing for more power at the same time. It's probably about 250 kW.

How many of those who could find this way to this country, we do not know anything about writing at the moment, but we will update the article with this if Tesla Norway gave sound.

And we know that many are looking forward to Model 3:
7000 cars target Model 3 a week before December >>>

(Source: Electrek)

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