Friday , August 19 2022

Tesla Angry customers are informed that their Model 3 is being delayed »IT paper


Then they try to sell them a more expensive model.

The Model 3 edition would be cheapest, that is, a $ 35,000 model of the company that everyone in the industry has been waiting for, ready for US customers in those times.

Last updated, 20:11:

Unlike what Tesla Norge reported on his websites on the launch day in relation to the most affordable edition, this model should be launched second half of 2019 in Norway (Tesla uses the word "available"), and not 2021 as previously reported.

Seek to sell

But now many customers are told that their car is late. Tesla Electrek's blog also reports that they have not yet been confirmed that Tesla has achieved one Model Standard 3. Above the blog, Tesla does not want to comment on the issue.

Even worse for the affected customers, because not everyone appreciates it, the company is also trying to sell the Standard Plus model to them to $ 2500 more. This can be introduced more quickly, one reason why Tesla offers such a solution, but after waiting a long time for the 35k model, this is seen as untidy.

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