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Strong results for Norwegian national junior teams – Stunned by the transformation


IT no more than a few years since most of the time was set in a Norwegian football. The boys' A-national team had lost another qualification, the football players were on their way down the FIFA sites and we certainly didn't learn the children in the sport to win.

Love talent liquidation, the title in Dagbladet laughed at one of the many jobs for everything that was wrong in the way the youngest players were hidden in our most determined sport, and the analysis was killing. These sad results were the fault of ordinary Norwegian children's sports. So the provision that everyone should be allowed to join: t

It sounds harsh. We talk about children. But now it's legal to say that. If Norway were to be restored as a football nation, we must reform the children's football, a foundation for Norwegian equality values ​​ t, the author insisted and finished:

The equality model has been created to prevent children from playing well.

Or not at all? For spring 2019, we have more young, good football players than ever before, and the youngest Norwegian national teams are achieving results that amaze overseas competitors: t

  • No European country has more progress than Norway in its junior football.

And with the same, open kids football where everyone joins.

NEXT a week the boy's U-20 national team starts the World Cup final in Poland against Uruguay. It will be a unique company for a gang who won 3 – 0 last summer for England in the decisive champion for this championship; that is, the truly historical football nation that has undergone major development in recent years on its own junior football.

In one month, they played in the Under 19 European Championship of the junior guys in Armenia. A month and a half ago, this old fashioned beat Croatia and Germany in the last qualifying games. You don't need as much football knowledge to realize that the triumphs themselves are a quality stamp.

Then follow the U19 girls with their final in the European Championship in Scotland. This is the second time in a row that this team has reached the highest level in Europe. There are only seven eligible participants in the tournament with the exception of the host nation. Norway is in company with Belgium, England, France, Holland, Spain and Germany.

DE who's still able to know their ABC football what is a list of such countries of EM: t

  • The biggest European football nations have taken over the women's football which is in rapid development internationally.

In the middle of this increase, the Norwegian recruitment work promises teams that two consecutive years have the quality to compete at the highest level. The 19-year-old Norwegian people have come as well as their peers from the academies to big active clubs like Barcelona, ​​Lyon, Manchester City and Chelsea.

However, the children's football that all these Norwegian girls had enjoyed was not a barrier to having one of the best junior Norwegian national teams. Our challenge is to train every day, a bid to fight and quality in both Norwegian elite series so that the individual level moves on to the senior football.

AM Those who understand a little about talent development do not succeed as a bomb. In fact, inclusive children's football is almost not about the quality of Norwegian national teams.

The provision of open play for all children is social work for more than 99 per cent of the big children flocking to the football clubs. The great support gives the legitimacy of football in the local communities in Norway and ensures good joy and frameworks for anyone to get the best they can.

The real talent is working towards the same percent of the children who will be top football players, involved in something completely different to having fun with fellow pupils on training. joint and fight an hour or two a week.

That cow will still be all the children, regardless of their skills, still in peace for silly adult men.

hope, This clear progress in the results of the younger Norwegian national teams has come about as a result of a more active approach to the additional post against the few. This makes it easier to follow up on success.

Five years ago, the Football Association introduced the so-called "National Team" to ensure follow-up at the best of 13 years. The model would help all national developers to see and develop potential talent in team sports that are far from being individually measurable. At the same time, the younger national teams were strengthened by a number of coaches. teams to have more individual follow-up for collections, sessions and games, while there were many more full-time players in the clubs. There are now over 200 full-time special coaches of such kind: for example, more than twice as many as Portugal, which is seen as a leader in football talent development.

The results come with the oldest junior teams now are the first litter of this new high school and the top club initiative. It may be coinciding with good old things, but also the impact of the changes.

EVERY DAY otherwise the training areas have become another during the long play style debate after Drillo's adventurous period of the early 1990s to EM boys playoffs and Olympic gold girls in 2,000. most of the ball team.

In the junior national teams, this change for some time has been reflected in the flow of fairly fit middle players, and in the past there have been fewer boys and girls from the traditional Norwegian football trunk. sound.

The choice of players is now more balanced, but in the historical perspective, Norway's ball safety is much better. This has meant that Norway is generally in these battles overweight in ball possessione also against the strongest football nations, while our youngest players with grown in artificial turf are more likely to struggle on the ball, in dual games over the track and especially when it is as close as possible to the goals.

This has led to the youngest national teams particularly keen to increase the number of developments. For next week's World Cup, the national under-20 team comes with a separate “step-forward index” as a tool to ensure the play style becomes as effective as possible.

THIS IS The obvious change in the skills of the young players means that the next step for the younger national teams will be the exact entry points. That is, the attention to what is needed to correct potential weaknesses in the selection of talents.

Just what the promise, of course, starts in the clubs with sincerity about all the different requirements of the sport and what really is football talent, so that we get out types of players that are , with each other, making the national senior teams even more competitive.

Ironically, this is a variety there, though only a few thousand of each charcoal has this group of best treated.

But then we know at least better what we are talking about when discussing talent development in Norwegian football.

FOOT: Dagbladet commentator Esten O. Sæther has been a national team coach in futsal (indoor football) from 2009 to 2015.

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