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Specialist of Fleipete Carlsen: – They show that they are different


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On Friday, the London World Championships will begin. On Thursday, meet global politicians, Magnus Carlsen (27), and challenge Fabiano Caruana (26) for a press conference.

In previous games in the World Cup, Carlsen has met Sergei Karjakin and Viswanathan Anand, which has a lot of back to the world site. Now he meets Caruana – a number two prominent in the world.

"I know I meet a wonderful opponent, but I will do my best to win again," said Carlsen.

"If I still play like this, I do not win

When asked Russian journalist Carlsen had "female support" during the World Cup, he responded to a smile: "Women hate me. They look at my threatening head." There's only one example of & # 39; The flashing tone was the answer to Carlsen.

Aftenposten's chest column, Atle Grønn, noted a clear contrast to the conference to the press.

– Magnus joked a Caruana seriously, summarizing Green.

– It shows that there are two different types. It is funny that we have a "collision" of such in personalities, he added.

However, Carlsen also had more serious questions, for example, even if he considered himself as subtle or favorite.

"It's been a long time since I saw myself as underground. If you've been one number in seven years and have won three World Cups and still look at yourself as underground, something is basic I'll be on your psyche, "said Carlsen.

However, he added that he had great respect for Caruana as a player.

"If I play as I have done recently, we probably will not win. So I have to pick up my game. But I have faith big in my ability to get.

"Magnus does not have clear weaknesses

Fabiano Caruana has won an excellent 2018. He has won Chess, Norwegian Chess and Sinquefield Cup – three of the most notable tournaments in the world. He has taken a great deal on Carlsen during the year.

However, this World Cup is obviously the biggest Caruana concern. There's a lot of excitement about how it's going to go.

"I do not think Magnus has any clear weaknesses," said Caruana.

"His mistakes are often very individual, they do not have a clear pattern, this is true with most top level players, but also losing, we do not do everything. & # 39; n about taking advantage of her losses when they come.

The first round of the Chess World Cup is played on Friday at 16 Norwegian times.

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How to play the World Cup

There are 12 parties playing most of the World Cup matches. The first place to 6.5 points earn. If it's 6-6 after 12 rounds, it will be decided by parties with a shorter bet.

9th November: Round 1

November 10th: Round 2

November 11: EVENT

November 12: Round 3

November 13th: Round 4

November 14: EVENT

November 15: Round 5

November 16th: Round 6

November 17: MONDAY

18th November: Round 7

19th November: Round 8

20th November: MONDAY

21st November: Round 9

November 22: Round 10

November 23: EVENT

24 November: Round 11

November 25: MONDAY

November 26th: Round 12

November 27th: FRIDAY

28th of November: Turnover

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