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Review: Mark Knopfler – "Down the Road Wherever" – Long-Shot And Blood-Facking From Knopfler – Again


ALBUM: The familiar Straits was a great band, at least they run through the first three albums. It must be admitted that a brother, "Brothers In Arms", has mainly purchased due to the sound (the first album in the CD collection) and the title song (and at least not because of "Money For Nothing ").


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Front figure and songwriter Mark Knopfler (69) is also an excellent guitarist with a warm and unique signature sound – and the voice is relaxing and comfortable. So why am not I very excited about her individual plates?

Perhaps because they are so similar? A long? Some of the bright spaces have been duoplatene with the guitar set, Chet Atkins in 1990 ("Cells and Cholc") and most albums with Emmylou Harris silver ponies, "All The Roadrunning "(2006) – only partially because he has played too much on his premises.


Knopfler has shown before he does not know his restriction, "Privateering" (2012) was his first double album, with 20 songs. "The amount shines for quality," was my collection.

Tame me toxic

It can also be said "Down The Road Wherever", also the double (14 songs in 71 minutes or with two bonus songs closer to 80 minutes), even if the opening «Stairs Man"He has a lot to her. And then he's Typical Knopfler. the bonus «View Mirror After» Many thanks to many of the other songs on the album with a lively, jazz-inspired composition.

«Child nobody; has risen slightly by the most enjoyable Knopflers guitar game, but also by the soft voice of Imelda Mays. But in common for many of the songs, they are not only comfortable and very good, but too big, clean, tolerant of energy and strength. It should be easy to avoid a man like Knopfler, who has produced the album along with a long-time partner Guy Fletcher.

Song football

In the light blues inspired «Only a boy who goes out of the home» It combines to three beautiful minutes of the Liverpool hymn "You Never Walk Alone", and then I think it's a Knopfler Celtic fan who plays with & # 39; r heart on the outside He has the whole of Glasgow, and obviously not a Rangers fan. The Celtic fans have played the football home as long as Liverpool does not do anything.

But why do you give songs so boring «My Role Bacon»? Have you sounded my pigs, like? Lost text ideas, Mark? Here's one of the songs that could have been included in the game.


Jazz Inspired «No one does that» Dire Straits-like «One Song At Time» breaches compliance. The speed increases and it's getting bigger. The latter is inspired by Chet Atkins, who once told the partner that he played out of poverty "song at a time".

These are highlights, perhaps mainly because they are different. And followed by another, «Moving On & # 39;, also the one with May carefully, a desirable song that is worn with a little bit more than many other songs on the album – just boring (like «Drover & Road» and a crooner song «Slow Learner»). But it's going very slowly, this is.

Gliding by

«Heavy up» On the other hand, it's a joyful, but rather bad issue, with sprayers, but it also slips quite unexpectedly.

By the way, he does most of the nine studio albums now Mark Knopflende, even if it closes and stops – «Man Matchstick» (only Knopfler and acoustic guitar) is a very nice recognition, a kind of Christmas relationship worry with sulfur plugs. He may have been Knopfler for a long time. But why add so much a favor in the world through the time, when we almost sleep?

Mark Knopfler takes his band to Ålesund, Bergen and Oslo in June next year.

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