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Mother, Queen Elizabeth, who is the host when the son is going to celebrate. The party is waiting to be overwhelmed, and the royal alliance of Europe will be on a hotel list.

From now on, it is known that the Prince of the Danish Crown has thanked me. No, the Norwegian royal house confirms that the king and the Prince of the Crown come from Norway.

Prince Charles Philip Arthur George arrived at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, 14, 1948. Over three years later, Elisabeth's mother, Queen and Charles became heroes.

Every life has been crying for life as a king. But Prince Charles is not particularly popular with Britain. Earlier this year, a measles survey showed that nine percent of Prince Charles's favorite in the Royal British house, according to Business Business Times.

The prince was more popular at an early stage, but the popularity came shortly after divorcing Princess Diana, and the relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles became known. And he reached the bottom when Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

– The king is best offered in history

In 1995, Princess Diana said in a television interview that Prince Charles did not want to become king and was not rolled out. But he was later rejected by Simon Lewis, who was the communications manager for Queen Elizabeth between 1998 and 2001.

– Prince Charles is reluctant to become the best monarchy adapted in history, and I think he will be a good king. Even if Charles is struggling to talk he will be a royal, who wants to love the girls, think thoughts.

There is no other British monarchy awarded as long as Queen Elizabeth. They were almost 26 years old when you were a queen. No 92, and the day the son is about to take over is still moving closer to him.

Promises to follow

In one documentary document on the BBC in connection with 70s, Prince Charles opens on the co-ordination, he believes he is going to be a king.

As a prince of Wales, Charles has undertaken a variety of issues and debates. It has started an architectural debate, engaging with environmental and climate issues. But on the day he is becoming a king, he ends with this.

– I can not be the princess of Wales and the queen. The idea that I'm going to give me the best to engage with me is amazing. I'm so stupid. Both roles are very different, they're going to the BBC.

The documentary also tells his wife, The Duchess Camilla from Cornwall, that Prince Charles is ready for what can come.

"I know that day, and I'm not worried," he said. It's not enough it's talking about, but something is about to happen.

At the same time, I would like Britain to become familiar with a man and a humor.

"People look at him as a very serious person, and he is. But they could also wish to see the bright pages of her.

Prince Actif

The BBC has followed Prince Charles and his family for a year. Dei has been included in the scenes as far as what has happened during the last year. Amongst the vaccination between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the Evening.

Prince Harry testified in the documentary that they were grateful for the way the father stood and led Markle up on the church floor on the big day.

– I asked him, and I thought he knew he would come. He said he immediately and would do what we needed.

It is 70 years old where many people have started thinking about giving up the work. But Prince Charles is an active leader with a lot of iron in the fire. But Prince William was in the desirable document that he wanted his father to have a little more time for grandchildren who received after a quarter.

"No, since he is 70 years old, it may be the best time to pick up a bit. He is the most spectacular man I know, but I would like him to be so lucky when he 95 years old.

culture man

In connection with Prince Charles's 70th anniversary, the Royal House of Britain has also published a list of 70 facts about the prince. Here, we learn, among other things, that the prince has a great interest in culture and is also practicing before a number of artistic branches.

He is an author and writes a fiction and a saga. He is also a rare architect. In 1987, one watercolor was exhibited during the Royal Academy exhibitions after the bill was presented anonymously.

In 1975, Prince Charles became a magic circle after an audition where he made a knife with one cup and a ball.

He has also made a number of guest shows in film and television, including the Coronation Street series in 2000.

Prince Charles has also reported on the BBC.

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