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One of Norway's rawed – prices are now clear


Here we talk tough work cars.

Everyday, thousands of Norwegians put themselves behind the wheel in a car of work – for example, pickup.

There is now a brand new and cold new market variant, which Ford has signed. Their Raptor Ranger has never been sold in Norway from before. But now, we also have access to the worst edition of Europe's best selling collection.

These are hair stuff!

The Ford Performance chassis was developed to withstand all riding in rough ground, with specially designed detection to perform in rough and high speed.

The width of the track is increased by 150 mm and the width is 178 mm compared to the normal Keeper. Under the unique Raptor grill, the bumper has made of lightweight composite material.

Pickup used: What should I choose?

– For enthusiastic people

If you want to obtain a copy, we can say that the price is 634,000 kroner.

"This is a collection for enthusiastic people who want something completely out of the ordinary," said sales manager for utility vehicles at Ford Motor Norway, Johnny Løvli.

Ford has just opened to order the Performance Determination. The first cars will be in Norway just before summer next year.

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The first version of a factory built by a factory in Europe has a biturbo version of the Ford 2 liter EcoBlue diesel engine. It provides 213 horses and torque of 500 Nm.

The cancer is distributed through the automatic transfer of 10 new Ford speeds.

The protective plate, which is on a 1.4 mm Regular Keeper, is reinforced and has been a Raptor version of 2.3 mm with high strength steel. It should prevent damage when driving on the ground.

Wheel arms are also more and defective, it brings BF Goodrich 285/70 boundaries unique to "all land" 17 inches. The new Raptor Ranger also has 332 mm accelerated front brake disks and airbags.

They try to cross the river flood – old collection

When you're just five minutes away before arriving late, I'm sure to know that the Raptor Ranger can withstand a gap.

Lots of equipment

Inside, the reinforced seats are specially designed for driving high speed in rough ground and have extra good and solid washing for the best seats possible

Many drivers and security technologies also make the journey safer and more comfortable. These include, among other things, Speed ​​Stability Function, Stabilization Trailer, Tray Starter Assistant and Downhill Assistant.

Raptor Ranger also has custom load control that modifies the electronic stability check according to total weight of the car with load.

Pickup in Chinese: You do not think this

– Great interest

"Since we have confirmed that a new Raptor Ranger is ready for Europe, many salesmen have identified a great deal of interest in this unique collection, so we're pleased to be able to order now, says Løvli.

And if you believe that Ranger Raptor is too bulky, you can check the market used for Ford F-150 Raptor. Then we will increase the size of XXL.

Choices are alarming at the price

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