Monday , June 27 2022

Norwegian customers have not said goodbye to Huawei – Elkjøp – Digital


After the US gave Huawei on the black list last week, US internet giant warned Google on Monday that they would restrict their cooperation with Huawei.

How this will affect the Norwegian market is still uncertain. The Consumer Council on Monday said that if existing Huawei phones were removed from security updates, it could claim a reduction in prices or raise the purchase. Norway Elkjøp says they are in dialogue with Huawei.

– We have not had any major changes in our sales yesterday, not so far today, said communications manager at Norwegian Elkjøp, Madeleine Schøyen Bergly, to Tuesday E24.

Schøyen Bergly says they are following the situation closely and informing them as soon as they have updated information.

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Google restrictions mean that Huawei can only use an open version of the Android operating system, but it's lost access to popular apps like Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps. Huawei said in a statement on Monday that they will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all Huawei and Honor smartphones and tablets that have already been sold or still in stock worldwide.

On Monday night, the US Department of Commerce told them they would postpone the ban for 90 days. Schøyen Bergly says that this will give them more time to plan ahead and see what this means for them.

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A press statement and marketing manager in Power Norway, Elizabeth Gill, says they don't see their customers responding negatively to Google's limitations.

"Power keeps track of the situation and gets a close and good dialogue with Huawei and our business is usually," said Gill.

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