Monday , January 17 2022

Norway received a Swedish executive license ABC News


Turn up for Bjørn Kjos.

Norwegian has received an operating license (AOC) at the Swedish Transportation Agency, writes the company on its websites.

According to the company, Norwegian Air Sweden (NSE) will also provide stronger networks in the EU.

"With a stronger strength in Scandinavia, we can access more traffic rights and launch new direct flights that have never been flown in front of the way. Arlanda can be an important international hub for flying between Asia and North America, but aviation policy and competition need to be equal even at the same time, "said the chief Bjørn Kjos in Norway after the company's first registered aircraft was landed today.

The plane – Boeing 737 MAX 8 brand new – directly from the Boeing factory in Seattle.

According to the report, Norway will now apply for traffic rights, including an application to the Department of Transport of the United States, so that NSE can fly to the US.

The stock rises 3.0 per cent to 203 kroner on Oslo Bron Wednesday morning.

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