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– I have some uncertainty, says Jarl Magnus Riiber.

NRK meets Norwegian gold hopes before it's first round in the World Cup on Friday. The combined runner for several years has been a great deal in ski jumping.

Therefore, it is not known that it has been a distance of the usual jump form in the time before World Championships.

– So not so great

Riiber did not get the answers he wanted during the last jumping training on Thursday, either where he came to number 11 and 14.

– Yesterday I had a good day, but today I am too eager and have a job crash. He has no good feeling to bring him up.

Riiber knows what the problem is, but it has not yet been resolved yet.

– I have worked hard with the balance and has not been able to resist the pressure that comes on the edge of the bounce, says the 21-year-old child, adding that he has now changed his binding set up to trying to get more balance.

– I think I've found good working tasks that I work, but it's just 80 per cent. I lost the past and I hope that.


Illicit ill health training in Innsbruck.

Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

Fred Børre Lundberg, a combined NRK expert understands why Riiber feels uncertain.

– It did not look so great at training. There was something dying about the jump compared to Austrians Mario Seild and Frans Josef Rehrl, for example. He clearly has a little trouble with the timing, so he has a little to work, says Lundberg.

Old licensed solution

In recent weeks, Riiber has worked hard to try and find the bounce shape. He then has a problem that has solved problems earlier.

Before the World Cup, he went to Midstubakken, but not to jump in the ground that he usually trained in. Instead, he jumped hop to jump in the 60-meter mountain, completely for himself.

– I've always been a fan of going down the hill. Then one can find the balance that I am talking about. It's easier in a small hill, where you have to stand right on the legs. He gave a nice answer, I'm here with confidence, says Riiber.

Lundberg, even a former world champion in combination, did the same thing when he was actively supporting problems.

– It's wise. He's done earlier when he has been confused, and he has resolved things, but it's not a good sign he had to go to, either, says Lundberg.

There are several Norwegian medal candidates

However, the NRK specialist still believes in gold for Riiber.

– Such problems can sometimes turn during the night. Ski jumping is like this. Now he's going to compete, and he has had lots of good experiences with that, says Lundberg.

If he should not cope completely in the ski jump, Riiber has shown strength in the cross country track. He has won a total of 10 World Cups this season, and has already won the overall prize there. The same victory he took after being completely down on 11th in the jump division.

– If he gets a normal day, he will take the gold, says Lundberg.


The Norwegian team in the World Championship is Riiber, Jan Schmid, Jørgen Graabak, Magnus Krog and Espen Bjørnstad.

Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

Lundberg notes that Norway has a number of medal candidates.

Jørgen Graabak has won two World Cup races and has been on the podium several times this season, while Espen Bjørnstad has put a strong jump in the time before the World Cup. Jan Schmid has only focused on this year's World Cup, and Lundberg is excited about what the veterans can perform.

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