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Ninth week in a row with the Dow Jones increase, but: Kraft Heinz – Wall Street – Stock Exchange and Finance


It was a relatively solid lift on Wall Street on Friday.

A new round of trade talks between the US and China has given investors a new investment that agreement and the end of the commercial war can be accessible.

Dow Jones has now seen an increase weekly for nine consecutive weeks, that is since the bottom of the Roman Christmas, when there was a full roller atmosphere on Wall Street.

This is the longest running series of 24 years, according to Bloomberg.

The index closed 0.70 per cent. Nasdaq Heavyweight Technology Combined 0.91 per cent, and S & P 500 rose 0.64 per cent.

For the great rabbit Kraft Heinz, on the other hand, became a dark day.

As Wall Street was dismissed for the day, the company dropped 27.52 per cent, from about $ 48 to $ 35 per share.

The reason is serious news in the quarterly report that came after a stock exchange suspension on Thursday.

Positive Trump

The US and China have met for trade talks again on Friday, after a week of several rounds around the discussion board.

There are still many things that they do not agree, according to Reuters, which increases the likelihood that the closing date for an agreement, originally laid for March 1, will be postponed .

President Trump has also had a personal meeting with China's Vice President Liu He, the grandson's Friday office.

At a press conference during the time of Norway during 20.30 hours, Trump said the discussions were going well, and that they had reached "very good opportunities".

"The relationship is great, the strongest it has ever been," said Trump, according to Dow Jones Newswire. He also said that he was ready to defer the deadline.

In addition, the president announced that the parties had agreed a currency and currency handling agreement. Further details of such an agreement are not known.

Reduce some US dollar in this regard. The ICE (DXY) dollar index rejected about 0.1 percent, and it seems to end the week about 0.4 percent down.

General quarterly report

Kraft Heinz's share immediately fell around 10 per cent in the currency on Wall Street after the quarterly report was released on Thursday night.

Friday, the decline has only exacerbated. Immediately after the opening of the stock market, the stock was down 26 per cent, and there was no sign of a collection throughout the day.

There are two news items in particular and the quarterly report highlighted as the cause of the fall.

The company made a profit loss of $ 15.4 billion (133 billion) during the period by appreciating the value of Kraft and Oscar Mayer – two of the company 's largest brands. The two brands represent about 15-20 per cent of the company's portfolio and in the United States.

Operational profits to reduce NOK 14.1 billion were seen, and profits after a tax of NOK 8 billion last year decreased to replace 12.6 billion NOK in the fourth quarter.

Now the investors suspect the company's competitiveness, and worry about the future. In addition, Kraft Heinz said that the US Financial Supervisory Authority (SEC) had started the audit.

In October, the company received men in connection with an investigation into the company's buying activities, including accounting systems, internal control and customer agreements.

Do not choose healthy food

Approximately $ 17 billion of the market value of the company has been deferred off Friday. This equates to NOK 146 billion.

Over the last two years, the share price has now dropped more than 60 per cent.

Heinz was acquired by the main investor Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway and the 3G Capital private equity company in 2013. In 2015, Kraft was procured by Heinz, and the merger became Kraft Heinz.

The case continues under the ad.

Since then, the company has cut costs really. He has raised concerns about the cuts made at the expense of the investments that they need to compete in the market today, CNBC writes.

For consumers, more and more fresh and healthy foods are buying for the typical finished products of Kraft Heinz. Now, many state that the company does not adapt to what consumers actually call it, as many competitors do, writes Business CNN.

And now it can be at least difficult for the company to make some smart acquisitions.

Despite very suspicious investors, Kraft Heinz seems to be of the opinion that that's exactly part of the growth strategy. They talked about "reinforcing in the future" eight times during the call conference with analysts Thursday.

The largest owner of Kraft Heinz, Berkshire Hathaway, has reduced 1.71 per cent on New York Stock Exchange on Friday.

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