Monday , January 17 2022

NFF criticizes: Fire and Molde gets a qualification ceremony anyway


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Norwegian football has a long tradition that money and bronze winners will be available when the medals are distributed. But this year, the Norwegian Football Association (NFF) designed that only RBK would be a ceremony after the final round of the Elites series.

Rune Soltvedt, the Branns sports manager responded strongly.

"I have received an email stating that only the gold winners will receive their attention this year. I think that's totally ridiculous. Now we're playing football from January to December , and it's a huge success to take medals in the Elites series. They will not take the time to score with the players and trainers who deserve the attention This is very bad, "Soltvedt told Bergensavisen on Monday.

A few hours later, TV 2 began the news that NFF made helomvending in the case.

"We have chosen to change because we have found that there are critical voices about this. Our reasoning may have been re-commissioned. The only thing we've wanted is to be a worthwhile framework. for the medalists, and where one does not come into a situation where a home team stands out, for example, the NFF event manager Rune Pedersen told the channel.

One of the tension-finishing days is what Valde Molde and Brann have. MFK is placed on a silver plot – one point in front of the mountains. In the final of the series, Molde has gone away with Sandefjord's ruthless, while Lot gets Off.

Earlier, NFF board representatives have also been responsible for the distribution of silver and bronze medals, but this time it is made by circuit controllers in Hordaland and Vestfold.

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