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New arrests and seizures in action "Hubris" t


Picture: scanpix / NTB Kripos / NTB

Five people have been arrested and charged with serious drug offenses.

He arrested on Wednesday 15 May Kripos, with the help of several police areas, four people. The implications are associated with a comprehensive drug operation, named "Hubris". Another person was arrested on a Wednesday.

Several new seizures were also made in connection with the arrests. The men are foreign nationals and they are presented for a remand prison on Thursday, says Kripos in a press release.

To date, 30 people have been charged with operating "Hubris".

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New arrests in drug-related drug cases in Oslo

Action started by Kripos in spring 2018. The investigation has been aimed at organized criminal networks behind the importation of drugs into Norway.

"Investigations are still ongoing against key supporters in the crew 's communities. It is thought that these supporters are central to the criminal activity in Norway," the statement to # 39 press.

Picture: scanpix / NTB Kripos / NTB

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