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New analysis shows: Norway with the largest collection income in the Nordic region


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The total debt collection in Norway has increased sharply among the Nordic countries during the past year. The number of debt collectors also grows faster in Norway, where Sweden is close in close proximity.

This is shown by the recent Nordic Debt Collection analysis, recently published by the Intrum and Lindorff collection companies.

This is the first time that analysis has been made by the debt collection market across these Nordic countries.

"Since 2015 we have seen steady increase in debt collection in Norway and Sweden, especially during the last year," said Siv Hjellegjerde, Martinsen, CEO of Lindorff.

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Lower income growth

He explains the collection of a collection in Norway with two things.

"The increase in cases in Norway is mainly due to the fact that more unexpected credit goes to a debt collection. Another reason is that household income has been lower, triggered by reducing oil prices. that just a few years since the oil price has dropped, we still see an increase in payment problems in the Norwegian regions most exposed to the oil industry, "said Martinsen in a press release.

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The highest growth among the elderly

Debt collection among debtors over 60 years has increased by 60 per cent over the last eight years. This is about 40 percentage points more than among other age groups.

"This is because older people get more and today's pensioners are more common to pay for goods and services with credit or their predecessors, which leads to higher collection costs, says Martinsen.

Norwy has more collections than Sweden, which has twice as many citizens as us, makes sense.

What worries, according to Martinsen, is that home debt is now more than 220 per cent of the income.

Debt raises just under six per cent annually, which means the debt burden continues to grow as revenue is expected to grow by three percent this year.

"The debt level makes households that are open to interest rates," said Martinsen.

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Consumer Council: – It does not make sense

Last year, Norway had over 8.6 million debt collections, while Italy has about 7.8 million things, according to Consumer Council Director of Finance, Jorge B. Jensen.

It is worried that Norway is at the same time as the country that increases the highest number of cases and total debt.

"Norway has more debt or Sweden collections, which have twice as many citizens as us, making sense. It's a good sign that there is something wrong with the Norwegian collection system, since Norwegians are not so Unlike sisters and sisters otherwise.

It states that the government with the Ministry of Justice has started work on reform law collection, something that the Consumer Council is proud of.

– The joint agreement was designed in the eighties, and the world has gone on since then. We must aim to make major changes in the law, as the law does not work for the purpose. When you can get a collection fee of up to one dollar, it is understood that the collection agencies can be paid well.

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Many need help

A month, 34,000 people and 9,000 companies are contacting Lindorff to find a solution to the issue of payment that has taken place.

"On a regular day, we are helping over 1500 people and 400 companies with paying difficulties," said Martinsen.

What can help pytheins settle faster is that people who have a debt collection problem can struggle to contact either the debt collection company or the creditor.

"There are different answers, and both debt collection and creditors are usually ready to find a viable solution for one thing," said Martinsen.

On the Consumer Council's website, you can read more about how to proceed with a complaint about debt collection.

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