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The case is updated.

Is not it one, another, when he comes to an Oscar prize. Since the award ceremony has been accused of lack of diversity and for many white-aged aging men among academics, it has been a sign of renewal in recent years.

This year, several European films have also been nominated in other categories than for the best non-American films. Many non-compliant people have nominated in many of the most popular categories. Many nominated films also portray homosexuality with multifunction rather than problem-centered problems.

Still Organizers of the Oscar show this year have been able to squeeze the way it will be interesting to see how classes and price leaks will get. All before Christmas, they were able to put parts of the industry by launching a new category, for the best popular movie. Clearly, the purpose was to ensure that some of the largest audience drawings also compete for prizes beyond technology and stage design. It's probably even the best solution to do better movies.

Following the release of the most prestigious movie category to up to ten films in 2009, it has resulted in the nomination of more popular, if not very good films, such as "Bohemian Rhapsody" this year. After opposition parties and large costumes of profile film makers, the new popular movie category is installed on ice, and we will never resurrect.

Fighting Close: Olivia Colman should be for Oscar for the lead role as Queen Anne is "The Favorite", but Glenn Close is not giving her as the wife of the author in "The Wife", according to our attention. Photo: Joel C Ryan, AP

New scandal it came after the composer Kevin Hart presented as an Oscar host this year. On social media, a campaign against Hart has grown up after old homophobic messages on Twitter from recycling. Eventually he chose to retire. Thus, this year's prize will be the first of 30 years without a unified host, where the operators will act as program managers.

Much better the decision to cut the number of rewards distributed was not the show and instead put some of the 24 awards in the advertising holidays. Actors and profile directors had protested enthusiastically with categories that define films such as media, such as pictures and clearing out of the direct show. After many, however, the board chose to turn, as they did with the decision to perform the two most popular songs most popular in the show only.

All prices, speeches and advertising breaks have made the Oscar show longer than good for viewers, with four hours and 23 minutes as a record in 2002. If the goal is to break & # 39 The show up to three hours and increasing popularity at the expense of the classification status of the film industry, the result of worse pain.

This year, the management of the show has attracted attention from the films. It will be historically but unfit for the "Rhufain" movie at Alfonso Cuarons Netflix "to get the best film award, with 10 nominations, along with the most famous movie" The Favorite "this year, both deserve more awards . Netflix took its first Oscar last year in the documentary. This year, the streaming service should also receive feature films.

With plumbing: If the director of Spike Lee gets the best award or film for "BlacKkClansman", there's a reason to believe that President Trump goes through the speech, according to our commentator. Photo: Joel C Ryan, AP

Whoever deserve and whoever get The price of necessarily both sides of the same case is not Oscars. Rami Malek's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Glenn Close in "The Wife" are favorites for the best performers for very good performances. Oh, I'd prefer to give Bradley Cooper an "A Star is Born" award and Olivia Colman's "Y Hoff".

For the nerve as part of the show, it would have been good with price to "BlacKkClansman" Spike Lee. This is the best anti-trumpen movie this year and a more subtle and increasing attack on Republican presidents than Adam McKay's "Vice Chair". The "Unique Free" harness film is deservedly deserving, while the Swedish Swedish "Border" has successfully reached the category of composition. It should have the price that will definitely go to "Division" only.

That is Norway It has not reached the category of best non-American films, but three of the nominated films are all along with "The Favorite" of the four nominated masterpieces this year: "Rome" , "Shoplifters" to "Cold War". Some of them are rewarding as an Oscar show evening four hours a Monday. But there's something about it, anyway.

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