Thursday , January 20 2022

Mynydd Elg of the fire department – and a day-to-day damp night


Sjøvegan: Skårvika caused a calf of dog to the sea. As the beans appeared to face problems, the fire department and villnem were notified and went to the place. In the 15th century, the Troms police force reports that the prosecution is rocky in land by the fire department.

Harstad: A man who was still drunk, 30, was arrested and arrested Sunday night. The man was not able to look after himself.

Harstad: Another place at the center was a 46-year-old man, expelled from the night-to-night reception venue. The man was angry with other guests.

Harstad: On Saturday, the police reported that traffic control had to be carried out in the Kirkeveg Gamle. One person is said to have a driving license without a valid driving license.

Vesterålen: A man in the 40's is hospitalized with a mental injury. The damage may result from fighting Gryttingen. Cause to create.

Andenes: There was a daily slurry on a pub night. A drunken man was arrested and arrested.

Narvik: Trafikkuhell in the day-to-day Straumsnes Night. A car was driving the E6. There was one person in the car. Drivers were transported to hospital and a driving license was seized. Cause to create.

Narvik: A party of immigrants at the center was disturbing the nightmare. The police were in the place and spoke to apartment owners.

Narvik: A drunk man was found in a ditch on the Fagernes night to Sunday. A patrol was sure to drive the man at home.

Narvik: A drunken man was found lying outside of a hotel. The man's police patrol was in a stable position, and the man was ordered to find his way home.

Tromso: Also in Tromsø there were several episodes of substance misuse and boredom on Saturday night and night to Sunday. Three men from the age of 18 were sent to the police at the center. I've been told about using and having drugs, but they were released after questioning.

Tromso: A private party was another place, with 80 participants closed, by the police. Many underage children were drunk and were abolished from the place. A fire alarm was triggered, and damage to the site was performed.

Tromso: The police are treated with a number of excessive drug cases. A 26-year-old was arrested and arrested after trying to go to a car on Tromsøya. He was also arrested as a 30 year old because he was not able to care for himself. At the center, a man in the 30s was involved in taking part in a dirty outside a nightmare. The battle was great in Tromsø night to Sunday. A 28-year-old was cut out outside of the night and was arrested while a 36-year-old was arrested after turning to a person outside of a place to serve. Case is created in this case. He was 21 years old drunk as magistrates and was arrested while a 23-year-old was expiring at the arrest when he was drinking and refusing to give his name and his address to the police. He was taken 25 years of age during the hours of the morning and was arrested when the person was so drunk that the man could not care for himself.

Finnsnes: A 30-year-old drunken man was expelled from the city center and said he had hiding a public officer.

Finnsnes: Someone in the 30s is suspected of driving in a condition that was affected early in the morning and he was made for medical attention. A case is created and a driving license is seized.

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