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More tracks Tesla-stool – Dagbladet

( 🙂 Tuesday, the Morgan Stanley market was struck when Adam Jonas, the star analyst, presented a "bear" where the stock could fall to $ 10, a 95 per cent cut from yesterday's closing price. .

Citigroup follows the direct instruction and launches its shock scenario where they see the stock fall to more than 80 percent to $ 36.

"We hold high sales / risk as risk / reward still seems to be disadvantageous despite the recent issue and fall in share prices," Citi analyst Iray Michaeli has written in a note to customers, says CNBC.

Burns Money

Citi downgraded the tariff target from $ 238 to $ 191 after adjusting the likelihood of three different scenarios. It is worth noting the offender that the brokerage price target is not particularly informative without seeing the basic basis for the analysis.

The Tesla share has faced pressure on concerns about weak cash flow and conditions of demand. The company is struggling with practices against Chinese production buildings, weaker margins and uncertainty about canibalization of Model 3 against the other models. The company is burning money, and in the first quarter, the active cash flow was negative of about $ 640 million.

A target consensus has a median price of $ 275, or about 34 per cent above today's rate. The range ranges from $ 150 on the disadvantage to $ 530 on the surface. In the consensus estimates, there is a significant, and growing, growth over the next few years in the 19-37 percent break. The company is expected to provide a positive (annually) baseline of 2021.

Extremely negative

Nestor Jan Petter Sissener has been extremely negative to the stock for a long time. On the other hand, Karl Oscar Strøm bought Pareto himself into Tesla about a month ago.

The short proportion in Tesla (free float) was as high as 28.12 per cent at the end of April-May. With growth based on growth, a huge amount of excitement from a CEO at Elon Musk, volatility in Tesla's share has also been set in the future.

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