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More men have smoked – KNM Sinks "Helge Ingstad" – NRK Hordaland – Local news, television and radio


The Armed Forces have secured KNM "Helge Ingstad" with several vaiers. In the morning, a number of ropes have smoked.

The play started already late on Monday. Then the bowl's sound is about one meter deeper.

"As a result, two ropes were smoking as we considered the weakest on the ship. These were replaced with two new products," said Håvard Mathisen in Defense, who runs the work security at KNM "Helge Ingstad".

The Navy continued working with the fuse until midnight. Then they thought that the situation was so uncertain that they would not use personnel to secure the arch.

– At 06.00, smoke each fuse at the front of the ship. Mounting points went in the mountains after the ropes woke up. As a result, the bow slower further. The vessel has now settled into deeper water, he said.

NRK sends directly from storage steps. Follow it here

– Standing positions

Mathisen notes that all the fuses are whole.

– The ship has now measured to be fixed. There have been small boat surveys to investigate the way the vessel has located, and to look at opportunities to secure it further in its current situation, he said.

Photos of the site show that only the radar tower and the parts of the hedge are protruding above the surface of the water.

The head of the National Maritime Operations Center, Yngve Skoglund, describes the work as difficult.

"Since Thursday, the ship has been stable. We have kept the stable brigade with up to ten vaiers. The wires have succeeded in being gradually horizontally. But the uncertainty is that the brigade is slope. The danger when the ship fills is that it can change stability, says Skoglund.

Captain and Commander Håvard Mathisen for the dramatic troop in the storage of KNM "Helge Ingstad".

– The more water the more the damage

Main Navy, Nils Andreas Sensønes, said they were aiming to save the ship, but they do not know how much the damage is.

"We will save the ship, pick it up and return to Haakonsvern. Then we'll see it when we get the harm, what it is right to do. But there's a & Clearly, the more water that comes in, the more that is being destroyed, says Stensønes.

He also said that the Navy, in accordance with the Norwegian Civil Aviation Commission, had decided to carry out an internal investigation of the accident.

– The group will look at the causal relationship, event course and will map what laws, rules and procedures are relevant. Then the group will give recommendations where they think things should be better. I have asked the group to do this continuously, says Stensønes.

At the same time, the police and the Hearing Commission conduct their own investigations.

"Naturally our internal investigation will not be restricted to the Navy. Our survey will be available to the police and the Havarikommission. It has not yet decided whether our investigation will be Inside is being published, says Stensønes.

Join with vaiere

The frigate is so much deeper under water than it did when the press was invited to the Monday. Then they told them they were in the final stages of securing the brigade.

KNM «Helge Ingstad» has to do with nine planned ten vaiers. According to the head of the National Maritime Operations Center, Yngve Skoglund, the brigade remained stable since Thursday at 18 o'clock.

They also said that the storage work was challenging.

"We do not have much experience in saving our own boats," said Skoglund.

On the defense sites themselves, they say that the Chief Navy has also launched an internal investigation for the whole event with the brigade.

Search for potential injuries

Lilleheim states that the Coastal Administration works to limit the environmental damage caused by the frigate frigate, while the Navy is responsible for securing the KNM "Helge Ingstad".

On Tuesday, the Norwegian Coastal Ministry has sent a trip to an overview of potential harm.

"There are still leaks of the brigade, but no more than that since the accident. We'll be collecting what's coming," said Lilleheim.

KNM Helge Ingstad at the accident site at Øygarden.

FOUNDATION ACTION: Monday, the Navy invited the press to watch the brigade. Then it was secured with more vaiere.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Water should rise beyond the day

Shortly after the collision with the Sola Tanker, the Navy KNM pushed "Helge Ingstad" aware to prevent the brigade from sinking in Hjeltefjorden.

Then they were worried about how stable the ship would be when the water started from flooding.

Now when the brigade is even deeper under water, it can be a challenge again.

According to a table on the Mapping Authority web pages, the water will continue to rise throughout the day.

Meteorologist Mette Skjerdal confirms to NRK that the water level in the brigade will rise between 14.00 and 15.00 today.

"The sea level will not be exceptionally high, but more or less at the same level as the last few days," said Skjerdal.

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