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MICHELIN CANLLAW , The food poisoning – The wife died after eating at the Michelin restaurant


The Spanish authorities say that 28 guests of another restaurant become food poisoning.

One woman died and 28 people became ill due to food poisoning after eating at the Riff Michelin restaurant in Valencia.

The anonymous woman (46) had lunch at the restaurant with her husband and son, the BBC reported. He died early on Sunday.

The husband and son also became ill, but they are on the recovery path.

Keep the star out in 2019

The Riff restaurant is not being searched on the Michelin Michelin Guide. Michelin Nordic says that this could be due to technical problems, not the episode of food poisoning.

– The restaurant has one star in the Michelin Guide in 2019 which was launched last November last year. Said star that was based on last year's visit, said Nettavisen, the head of the Nordic Press Michelin, told Lotta Wangle.

Wangle confirms that the restaurant keeps the Michelin star throughout the year.

Lighter symbols

So far, Spanish health authorities have successfully traced 75 people who ate in Riff in the period 13 to 16 February, and have confirmed a total of 29 cases of food poisoning.

– With the exception of the person who died, all regional health authorities stated in a statement on Thursday.

Health inspectors will have supervised the restaurant on February 18, but failed to show a clear explanation of food poisoning, the newspaper writes.

The National Institute of Toxicology has taken samples of a taste tasting menu in the restaurant for analysis.

Ignore what the source is

The Guardian writes that reports have been a type of fungus that may have been a source of food poisoning, but the health authorities will not comment on the claim.

The owner and chef at Riff, Bernd H. Knöller, regrets the worst incident and says that the restaurant works with the health authorities.

"I have decided to close the restaurant until we know the exact reason, and it can reopen the necessary securities to staff and customers," said Knöller.

The restaurant has one star in the unique Michelin guide.

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