Saturday , January 22 2022

Male in the 20s to hospital with potential knife injuries – two men arrested


A man in the twenties was transported to Haukeland Hospital this night with potential knife injuries. Two peers were arrested Monday morning.


The police were called immediately after midnight evenings until Monday. The message was about stabilizing potential knives in a direction in Olsvik outside Bergen.

According to the police, the residence appeared as a cottage, and the man in the 20s lived there – just off the beat track. BT was home at home Monday morning. Then it was completely empty for people at the place and place, and the police had put the dump tape on the door.

The police and ambulances moved out. At home, the only man was found with what is likely to have a knife injury, the police noticed the night.

The police said early that the level of injury was not considered a life threat. Bergen Health reports 11 hours on Monday that he has been seriously injured.

– Has obviously been injured

"He was aware, but was clearly injured," said Operations Manager Drag Olav Setter in the West & West Police District of that night.

The police ensured traces on the spot and they looked for potential offenders in the area. Monday afternoon, Sætre says the message came through AMK and was "a little vague".

– We moved out with the ambulance. The man had a harm that was consistent with someone having put him a knife on him.

The leader of the operation stated that they were looking for several named persons with the suspect's status and who should have been in the home of the injured person.

– Things show that the injured and the suspects have a connection. I will say this because no one will think that someone is traveling around and hurts people. We are looking for more people, every man who has been present at home to be insulted. Someone who has been present was identified through the investigation.

On 05.40, Sætre reports that two men they have searched for have been arrested. They suspected they were present during the stages. Both were taken in a completely different area.

According to the surgery leader, both of the arrested peers are injured with the injured, ie in the 20s.

know Inger

– Do you report among the suspects?

– No, he is not. now.

– Is a party or a settlement?

– It's anonymous.

The Setter refers to everyone in the case as police convictions.

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