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Magnus Carlsen fine fine: "It was a big moment


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There is a serious, serious voice around the Chess World Cup in London. But before the seventh party on Sunday Magnus Carlsen stood for a beautiful moment.

The Royal Shreyas science science talent (9) should make the first ceremonial movement. After the Royal Moves two lines forward to Queen Bounty Carlsen, the World Cup pulled the hand palm. Then they made "five high".

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"It was a big moment," said Hans Olav Lahlum. "Magnus seems very kind," said the star star sister Ingrid Carlsen in the VGTV studio.

"Players do not usually do that. They want to focus on chess and start the party. It took time and gave me" five high ". That was really, Royal told Aftenposten a few minutes ago later.

The 8-year-old Carlsen looked after the moment "five high".

The goal: World Cup title

Shreyas Royal is one of the largest chess talents in the UK. At nine, she already has 2048 in the scale. Royal tells us that Magnus Carlsen is one of his idols. When he and Carlsen appeared in the television broadcast, Torstein Bay said:

– Maybe it's challenging the future, who knows? In ten years, it may be Shreyas Royal who is sitting in the World Cup.

However, this is a long way. The chess story is full of infants who have given the best to develop. The nine years old have a great ambition.

"My goal is to become a world champion. By 2030, when I'm 21 years old, says the Royal.

In fact, this is not the first time for Royal to meet Carlsen. In fact he has met Carlsen three times earlier, the last time when the Liverpool Trent player Alexander-Arnold helped before a Carlsen show.

– It went well. We walked in ways more than Bill Gates, said Shreyas Royal with a smile.

Having had to leave the UK almost

Shreyas Royal is not a new name for the public in Britain.

His family comes from India. And the father, Jitendra Singh, was told that the family had to leave the UK when the visa came to an end in September. The cause was great coverage in the British media, partly due to the nine-year increase as a chess player.

But then Sajid Javid came to the Internal Minister. What he called took as a personal decision that the chaplain family would be allowed.

"The United Kingdom is a world-class world-class talent and Shreyas is one of the most talented talents in its generation," said the Minister in his statement .

The BBC said that Shreyas Royal was "jumping happy" by the news. And during World Cup World Cup Sunday he remembered life.

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