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Linking NHO closing nursing: – Dramatic


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A Nursing Strike began on October 25. The strike affects the hotels of patients, respiratory centers, street hospitals and rehabilitation organizations.

Lockout is the employer's response to the strike tool, but unfortunately it is used.

In practice, it involves employers closing every 500 nurses in the 65 companies that the Federation of Nursing has told them about a strike.

The Nursing Association and the Medical Association respond strongly.

"Lockout is serious for patients, relatives and employees, but we can not sit still seeing that few companies take care of everyone when we know that some of these are about to end , "said NHO's CEO and Commerce, Anne-Cecilie Kaltenborn.

"The other companies in this industry want to stand in touch with those who have been a strike," said Kaltenborn.

NHO: More risk of bankruptcy

She believes that NHO has gone a long way to find a solution, stating that the strike has been taking place for three weeks and that many of the seven companies already affected are at risk of bankruptcy .

– The nurse's requirements are 2.8 per cent as in the front subjects. Is not it a dramatic answer with locking?

"We think you should be careful about using lock. We do and apologize for employees, relatives and patients, but the calls they made are aware that we are not able afford.

– The average salary in our health organizations is higher than in the urban sector. However, the NSF has declared an inevitable requirement that we have our school system and public decades.

Nursing: – Failure to walk by seriously ill patients

The Norwegian Nursing Association responds strongly to the lock.

"They are totally unacceptable to go to this very serious step, this is the first time that employers close in the health sector," federal leader Eli Gunhild By in the Norwegian Nursing Association (NSF).

They have taken 56 of around 500 nurses in the strike covered by the agreement between NSF and NHO Service and Commerce.

– Locking means you need to lock the door and shut down. We can not walk as nurses from seriously ill patients. We have clear requirements from us in the Healthcare Act, which states that we can not go from nursing patients, "he said.

"The requirements are in line with the rest of the society

– What are you doing now?

"They are very serious that they do this in this way and that we do not meet the minimum minimum wage requirements in line with the rest of the public sector. Our requirements are in line with the rest of the society and have a framework of 2.8 per not like the front topics.

The accused of the NHO of asking the government to make decisions as nurse nurses employed in the private sector.

– Do you now expect the Government to break down the payroll strike?

"Health authorities have to decide. We're hoping to find a solution. We've done it through time," said Kaltenborn at NHO.

The minister will not say whether the state will interfere

Minister for Labor and Social Affairs Anniken Hauglie (H) will not say whether the Government will interfere with a mandatory pay committee.

She believes that it is serious that the conflict affects the health sector, but it emphasizes that it is the responsible parties for resolving it.

"It's likely that the parties are doing what they can to find a solution. The authorities follow the conflicts in the usual way, writing Hauglie in an email to Aftenposten.

Hauglie emphasizes that it is an Norwegian Health Board, which has the professional responsibility for assessing outcomes and conflicts for patients and consumers.

The government decides a mandatory pay committee

From a closing notice until the doors are closed, it takes four days. Then the health authorities and the government must decide whether to intervene in the conflict or not.

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