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Lan Marie Nguyen Berg and Eivind Trædal have a huge hottub after babynyhet


GET TEULU: politicians of the Marie Marie MDG Ngyuen Berg and Eivind Trædal.
GET TEULU: politicians of the Marie Marie MDG Ngyuen Berg and Eivind Trædal. Photo: PRIVATE


"Lord, she's reproduced and? Poor Norway." This is one of many responses to the news that the MDG couple are waiting for children.

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The Oslo center, Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (31), and the politician of the city council Eivind Trædal (32), shared Monday the news they were Waiting for her first child in the spring.

Babyny was mentioned by a number of media. Many of these have also posted the cases on Facebook.

Many users used the opportunity to express their opinion that Green Party Green Party profiles look forward to a new world citizen.

VG has chosen not to reproduce the most serious comments. Many go to the child directly.

"Lord, she's a reproduction and" Poor Norway ", he is mentioned in a commentary from Dagbladet, who received almost 600 comments during the Monday, and even a few hundred to morning March.

Hail hooks

The newspaper also published his case of pregnancy on Facebook. Here's a selection of comments from:

"First, they complain that there are too many people on the ground and then they do one more …………"

"She's changing the climate change of potatoes is hopeful that everyone will not let her keep a baby"

"I'm ashamed of my mind as I read this news here"

"Finally, this autumn disappears from politics for a long time"

VG has been in contact with Eivind Trædal, who says that he and his wife do not want to comment on the matter now.

On Facebook and Twitter, however, it is going to address the person who, with a high level of courtesy, indicates that the couple will need a car when they have children.

– I'm about it. 9,000 people in the field of comments think: Yes, we plan to raise and present in the nursery by bike or on foot, he's writing.

Consider reviews

Torkil Vederhus is a party secretary in the Green Party, and said that his two party colleagues – often social media shooters – get this type of treatment in public.

"It's sad that there is even good news that Lan and Eivind can wait for children to create as much hatred and hatred," he said.

"The threshold for hate and public wisdom has been much lower in recent years, people are easier to leave the ethnic community and be used to social media," said Vederhus.

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It ensures that the MDG manager monitors the issue.

– We will follow the comments boxes to see if comments on any of the comments will need to be made. In that case, it will not be the first time.

– Very unfortunate

Dagbladet drew his case from Facebook on Tuesday.

– We moderated the commentary to the case in the usual way, and spent a lot of time and resources on it. Then there were some comments that were over the line and dewison we did not get rid of the job, "said Frode Hansen, a news editor in Dagbladet.

He says Dagbladet has banned closer to 20 users, as a result of what they say on babysaken.

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Astrid S mentioned netness

"We believe it's unfortunately that there are comments on that which is a joy to the couple. It is important that we install readers in the boxes comments, but also important to keep track of them. We know that Lan Marie Berg is creating a commitment, so we are careful with moderation in issues of concern.

The case of the newspaper is still on Facebook. The comments field seems to have moderated; Many jobs refer to senders and comments that now appear to be removed.

Manager Mater Mater Morten Karlsen says Nettavisen moderators are having trouble smoking and commentary after readers made aware of the review tone. He says there are extensions there too.

"It's very blind that such things are bored by people who just look for chick. It's annoying to Facebook and it's annoying for us , says Karlsen.

Letter of formal notification

The communication consultant Hans-Petter Nygård-Hansen posted a message on Tuesday morning blog for the treatment of the MDG couple, asking questions about what causes people to post malicious messages related to a child's news on their way.

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Opposite VG, it's noted that Lan Marie Nguyen Berg has a "red cloth" effect on many, regardless of what media coverage is.

"Do you mix the elements of women, not look" Chronic Norwegian "and a controversial policy a bit, you have a molotov cocktail that clearly legitimizes all kinds of possible expression, he says.

"There is a tragic paradox that we have taken advantage of the opportunity that we have had to express ourselves with a voice that can be seen and heard from so much, and then we'll use it to delete & # 39; r change of public words.

Nygård-Hansen is joyful when it imitates how areas of attention and social media have been celebrated as they are fresh phenomena.

– "Democratization of the word change" and so on. Where are we standing now? This is an advanced statement, which ethics and ethics are about. He gets the worst in us.

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