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Janne Jemtland's best friend called court: "I was proud of it

HAMAR (Dagbladet): He took over a fortnight from Janne Jemtland a shot night until December 29, before arresting her husband Svein Jemtland on January 12th.

Today, a 30-year-old woman, referred to as Jannes's best friend, in the court against him. Svein Jemtland denies a penalty for deliberately killing, claiming the blow night until December 29 crashed away. However, he has recognized that he has packed the body, transported it to Glomma and pulled it there.

JANNE SAVNET NODWYD: On Saturday, December 30, 2017, Svein Jemtland called the police to report a missing woman. Now she is responsible for her murder. Here's the conversation between Jemtland and the emergency center. Video: NTB Scanpix. Christian Roth Christensen and Emilie Rydning / Dagbladet Show more
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He has also acknowledged that he hides tracks and tells the family, friends and police.

It was clear that the effect of Janne Jemtland's close friend is clear and denies under parts of the diploma in today's Hedmarken District Court.

In the days after she disappeared, she was home with the couple almost every day and had close contact with the children. Before John disappeared, they should have had daily contact.

– We talked about most of the time. Janne was kind and thoughtful and stood up for the ones he was caring for. She was Janne, she was her, she said.

She also says she has considered Svein Jemtland as a good friend.

He would divorced

Witnesses also say – like many other witnesses who have been in court – the couple could argue loudly.

– The first time that Janne talks about divorce for me, I think it's 2015. It would be divorced. It was absolutely clear that in December he would be divorced.

"In December it seemed to me that she had decided. Then he told me something that made me realize. She said she had no feelings over Svein anymore. She had finished, said a girlfriend.

State Attorney Iris Storås asks how Svein Jemtland responded to this.

– He loved Janne. It was desperate and did not want them to be divorced. He called me and asked if I can talk to Janne and remind him of all the good things that were tested with each other. He was pretty desperate, he said.

– He was worried

On December 28 she has sent messages with Janne Jemtland while her friend has set herself for a romantic party with an evening. A friend was not even present and received the first concerns on the following day, December 29.

At 11:30 am this morning, he should have received a message from Svein Jemtland who asked her if she knew where Janne was.

JAMtland CASE: On Monday, the trial against Svein Jemtland began at the Hedmarken District Court. I'm accused of killing Janne Jemtland's wife. Here's the case. Video: NTB Scanpix and Hans Arne Vedlog. Editing: Frida Andersen and Emilie Rydning / Dagbladet
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"I talked to him again for ten o'clock on that night. Then he was worried that he was thinking where she was and trying to find her.

The following day, December 30, Jemtland will have a love again and they should have spoken that one should call the police. The same day, the accused told the police and said that his wife had disappeared.

– I was proud of it

On the same day, her girlfriend rose 30 for her couple.

"Svein was sad and worried. Nothing was being handled around the mood. You found him in pain.

She says she is in the couple's home almost every day that week. Similarly, the children of the Jemtland couple have understood.

– The week was bad. We thought Janne was, and I saw that Svein was hurting. I was proud of it and it was not good to see it was so bad. It was difficult, but it started slowly and certainly told me there was something that did not vote, but I did not want to see it.

Jan. Jan. Jemtland has disappeared for over a week. Venninna says that this day had begun to see there was no vote. In the days he came, he stopped traveling to visit a family.

– I was not able to understand it

Only a day later, January 12, Svein Jemtland was arrested and accused of deliberate slaughter. The solicitor asks how a friend reacted when he heard the news.

– I was crazy.

– Who were you crazy?

– Svein. The way she had treated her afterwards, but she stopped in Glomma. He was ready to leave his own children of the opinion that the mother was voluntarily abandoned. I can not understand it, "he said.

The prosecutor believes that the behavior of Svein Jemtland towards friends, families and police following the blow that killed his wife as a penalty. An extensive search step and major investigation was launched after it disappeared. Jannes's best friend is one of several who will witness what was proved in the days after December 29.

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